Fortune Cookies Have Some Truth

Found this Fortune in my sweater this morning. I had forgotten I put it there some time ago. With the New Year approaching, I can’t help but to review the past year and relish on what great things have already happened! Reminisce with me and see what I’ve done!

1. AFter Graduated with a B.S. in Graphic Design I Moved to “Happy Valley” aka Provo, Utah in January of 2011. Where there are more marriages than car accidents.

2. I got a great Graphic Web Design Internship that turned into Junior Designer position and then to Head Art Director of the company! (Brush the shoulders off)

3. February – I threw Saaaaaaaandy (in old man voice) a 20’s Black and white party that turned out amazing if I do say so myself! (ALL SMILES)

4. March – Was thrown the BEST Surprise Birthday Party Ever! I had no idea! Love my friends! They had to throw it 2 weeks before my birthday so I wouldn’t catch on… tricky tricky!

5. April – I hit some boxes and jumps snowboarding that I would of never done before because Im a scardy CAT! Meow! And also the fact that I broke my friends neck one time snowboarding….. AaaaaaaaaND MOVING ON!

6. May- Lived with my 2 BEST FRIENDS, THE BESTEST FRIENDS a Gurl could have, in a swanky apartment this summer! Oh how I miss those morning snuggles with all of us in one twin bed! haha “its da bEEEST”

7. May – Janelle, One of my best friends from the SEXY SEVEN had her BABY!!! and guess who volunteered for the God-Mother Position?? MUAH! Yes I love that child! Were not catholic but I still think every baby needs another mother haha

8. June/July – Went on a freakin Sweet Girls road trip VaCa to Vegas and california! DisneyLand was sooo much fun! Never laughed so hard in my life!

9. August – Got scouted out to work for a Social Media Marketing Company as the Head Graphic Designer! MO MONEY MO MONEY! Yes please!

10. September –  Found my new love! Wait for it…. “DIRTY DANCING” at Gold’s. Its not dirty at all thats the funny part! Its just hip hop dancing! Ive got skillz that killz.

11. October – Last but NOT least >>>> My skin is as clear as a night sky with shooting stars! Love me some Crystal Skin Care! Im a new person!

12. November – Thanksgiving with the fam!

There are soooooo many more that I could name the more I think about it! Every month had excitement and laughs that I couldn’t help but look back and smile.

Hope you can find greatness in the past year! Of course it is still 2011 and December has just begun! But it doesn’t hurt to be grateful for what Heavenly Father has already given you:) Can’t wait to start new memories! and I Really Really Really Really Hope that fortune comes true!!!

  1. LoveNiki said:

    Please reseal this fortune in the cooking and send it to me asap! Lol

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    oh this gets me excited…and a little nervous to re-cap my last year! but…future’s are always shiny and bright!!!!

  3. ya I left out quite a lot out of my last year. Didnt want to include the mangy ex and the whole breakup haha. ONly wanted to good stuff. SO, how is it with that guy that you met??

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