The Masters Hand and other Theories of So

Pieta   |    1498-1499    |    Michelangelo

Many of you have inspired me. I wake up every morning so excited to get to my computer to see all the new luminous blogs that people regurgitate. It makes me secure in believing there is so much to live for in the sometimes foggy path. I for one have felt encouraged to do so much with the time I have on this Earth. There is a subsequent pleasure that comes after a storm. That survival was at peek and the winds have left a new trail. The poetry of a poet only bids its wants, but it isn’t without action that the creaking door is opened.

Continuing my rant for gratitude towards the steady river of valleys and falls, I felt impressed to share a slice of thought.

Essentially my past has been the sculptor of my future. Every gouge, every saw, and every piece of rubble removed, prepared me for the light upon which I will one day be adorned. Every artist knows the importance of criticism, but more importantly, the power of admiration. To see one’s labor as a whole with all the bits and pieces included, That is what makes it beautiful. Some may not understand why the shape or plane grew to certain heights, or why the medium was mixed as done, but they will love it because of the inner light that radiates.

I am not a novelist. And expanding past the core is out of my control. But pure intent of my words reflect heavily on the passion in my veins. Looking through the eyes of another designs the painting of its maker. Love is unconditional. Something I trust in ever mightily.


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