Christmas Is Almost Here!

Christmas is almost here! Just a few more days until Santa thrusts himself down your chimney and ransacks your cookie jars! Oh the traditions, how ever did they start? haha! To get in the Christmas Spirit I have been listening to Justin Bieber’s Holiday Album twice a day!

Oh how Puberty sure has taken a toll on that young voice! haha. Speaking of Voices, I went to the MoTab Christmas Concert in SLC on a Date! Special guests Nathan Gunn, a World-renowned Opera Singer and Jane Seymour performed. If you’ve never seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir then you are in a real treat for the Christmas Concert! I’m not a huge fan of Opera, but they put on a great show! I enjoyed the Ballet the most!

I went on a Holiday Date the other night with another boy! (You could say I date alot lol) We basked in conversation over posh Sushi and visited Santa’s Workshop!

If this date doesn’t work out then I met myself a real crack up and Im sure a good time! (the one Im hugging)

To continue the Holiday Spirit, I celebrated with all my BEST friends (I talk about the sexy seven way too much, but I love those girls!). We went out to dinner for my friend Janelle’s Birthday!

Gave all my besties their presents – Necklaces with charms representing each of their personalities! Her little baby Zoey came, my God-daughter! haha

Look at that laugh! She never stops laughing! It’s so Cute! The next day I got my hair done! Its sooo blonde by my bestie Mandie!

And after visited Sandy, other bestie, at her classroom! She teaches 9th grade Cooking! We both Graduated not too long ago and its crazy that she is already a teacher! The kids were just as rowdy as you would expect, but she kept a good handle on those lil snot nose brats haha

Next is off to the Rail Jam at Snow Basin with Janelle! “Totally sick man, did a 360 Wall ride and then shredded up the gnar gnar!” Oh the boarding talk, never makes sense!

You can’t end the night without getting kicked out of Walmart right? haha! You could say its more of a tradition than anything! Word to the wise: Pretend like your hurt or they will literally take the cart out from under you!

The Christmas Season is the best time of year! Im going snowboarding Friday and Saturday, then Christmas Eve Saturday night! Got all my shopping done, can’t wait to give all my presents and see their excitement!

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  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    so many wonderful events!!! the biebs, music, dates with boyz! (any promising ones?!), friends….gotta love the holidays!

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