The Dancin’ Queen

Today’s Inspiration comes from RAWZ design blog. I Love that it puts something old with something new. DESIGN SCHOOL. A lot of art that you may have seen combines the two to produce a perfect marriage so intricately interesting and boldly cunning. I would like to see this in real life! Who knows, it may be a how the Queen of England gets her sweat on…

Which reminds me, I need to join the American Culture and set a goal to get back to the gym! Those holiday home cooked meals by Mommy Bradshaw really did me in! Weekly Schedule looks like this.

Monday: Gym

Tues: Ballet @ 7pm and Dirty Dancing @ 9pm

Wed: Temple. Exercise my spirituality

Thurs: Hip Hop @ 7pm

Fri: Date Night!

Sat: Gym in Morn! Then PLAY PLAY PLAY

Sun: Stretch while reading the scrips!


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