The First Impression Rose

TODAY’S INSPIRATION is PACKAGE DESIGN  found on this design blog (its a lot like pinterest). This is one of my favorite packaging designs. Created by Naoto Fukasawa, this Japanese banana juice carton emulates the banana skin to such a level of detail that you would honestly believe it was the real deal. Well, apart from the shape of course! Here are a couple other examples from the site!

Packaging is the MOST important part of a product. People buy things for how they look, it tells them if it is reliable, worth the money, and overall what they need. Just like you and me, we are each packaged by how we look, what we wear, how we carry ourselves, and how we treat others. Whether you want to be honest with yourself or not, you judge others by their appearance before ANYTHING else. 

‘It takes only seven seconds for us to judge another person when we first meet them,’ says Linda Blair, clinical psychologist and author of Straight Talking. 

7 SECONDS?! I sure hope people give me a fair chance when I know I’m not looking my best! This goes for job interviews as well. Dating is also huge in first impressions! Within the few seconds of opening my door and giving the ‘hello pat on the back’ hug I will know instantly if it is going to be a night to remember or a night I contemplated jumping out of the car to get away!


1. Stand Up Straight. Not only does it help your posture, but it shows that you are confident. And everyone knows the most attractive thing is confidence.

2. Be Positive. Ever spent some time with a Debby Downer and realized you wanted to shoot yourself? Exactly.

3. Keep Your Body Language Open. Don’t cross your arms or legs. Turn your body towards the people you’re are shaking hands with or talking to so that your body language is friendly and open. Make relaxed eye contact

4. Focus On The Person You Are Talking To. This is one thing that I have legitimately worked on. I get so annoyed when I’m talking to someone and they are looking around the whole time. It’s like, “HELLO, Im right here!”

5. SMILE. I can not stress this enough! Yo momma didn’t spend thousands of dollars on dental care for you to hide them! By smiling you are showing that you are a happy person. I get complimented all the time that I am so happy all the time. I don’t even notice, I just realize that by the end of the night my cheeks hurt from smiling:) JUST DO IT!


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