Only my good friend REM understands

Today’s Inspiration: SLEEP. Why is it so good? I find it as my sanctuary! The one place where I can be whatever I want. Dreams as a bird, flying high above the clouds, signifies freedom and indulgence. They are my favorite. Others of stress and near death escapes are not. Although, no matter what it is, I refuse to pull myself from them for the meager beep of my alarm. Most mornings I find myself rolling out of my warm sheets near noon! “Why did I sleep so long?” “Why did I press snooze for 2 hours straight?” “I just slept 10 hours…”

It is my New-New-Years Resolution! To wake up by 9am every morning! Ridiculous that that has to be a goal. I used to find mornings the peak of my pleasure! Watching the sun absorb the room and feeling it tingle on my face.

The fact of the matter is is I detest my job. Monotonous work day in and day out, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. With the ever so sneaky blog post here and there, I solidify my creativity as an escape of the everyday grind. And flexibility being the name of the game, I use that to my advantage and enjoy the extra hours with my good friend REM.

Although there can be a remedy to my problem. By remembering all the good things in my day, I know I can will myself up out of bed once again. Today it was money. Tomorrow it may be too. But who knows, I might surprise myself and get up for you:)


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