Why Choose Between Hot Guys & Baby Animals

Today’s Inspiration: This goes out to all my ladies in the WordPress House! Who doesn’t Love HOT GUYS & BABY ANIMALS?! I know I do! Not sure which I like more tho… haha!  The reason why I chose this for todays inspiration is because I have a small and random dream of owning a goat. Many know this about me. I “WILL” own a small farm someday in my life and will have all kinds of animals for me and my children to play with. So today I was randomly looking on KSL to see all the cute little goats for sale! Gotta have me one! I went to the petting zoo last summer and it was so fun because I was pushing all the little kids out of my way so I could feed the little animals too! (So like me, I know)

If you are a fan of HOT GUYS & BABY ANIMALS too then you might wan to join me in buying the new 2012 Calendar! You heard me!! 12 amazing photographs of studs getting cuds! (Cuds is for cuddles but that didn’t rhyme)! Check out their website as well!

Image from Pinterest



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