Once Frozen Dead is Alive to Tell the Tale

Today’s Inspiration: THE WILL TO LIVE! I still can not believe it either. Found dead and now alive? Like the resurrection happening all over again, astonishing people world-wide. Except instead of in the form of a human, it repeats the same miracle in scales and gills.

My beautiful purply-blue-ish Betta was found frozen last night in my car, like a little ice cube in chilled water. We had been on long vacation for the weekend together, and just like her owner, she was pooped and ready to finally get home. With every intention of grabbing that ball of scales, along with my countless pieces of luggage (still learning how to travel light), I incidentally forgot Sanchez on the seat! About 4 hours later my curiosity began to show…. “Sanchez must be hungry… Where is she…. OMG She must be lost and all alone!” With shoes half on and coat whipped around me I bolted to my car! “There you are,” I said with relief streaming from my visible breath. Then it hit me… She’s not moving and was hurdled in the fetal position!!! “Fish have fetal postions?” Stop thinking and Run!

After a few minutes of poking and holding her life-less body, I acted as any parent would and thought to myself, ‘it aint over til the fat lady sings.’ 

Gushing warm water from the faucet and into her bowl something miraculous happened!!! Sanchez was… moving… oh wait that was me… oh no, thats SANCHEZ! Second by second her fins began to move, her body was starting to flop, and the first bubble of breath had emerged. Who once was dead is alive and kicking again! Its a Martin Luther King Day Miracle!

Moral of the Story: I think Sanchez taught me and everyone here a very valuable lesson, Never Give Up, & Never Surrender. If a fish can do it, so can YOU!

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  1. interiorlove said:

    Great post!!

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