Is Evolution Real?

Today’s Inspiration: Dinosaurs!!! One of my favorite animals. Some may argue that you can’t classify Dinosaurs as an animal when playing the actual “animal game” but I beg to differ! They are sooooo coool!! I got the pleasure to visit The Paleontologist Museum on BYU Campus in Provo, Utah on a date. I couldn’t believe how large the skeletons were! This was a smaller T-Rex and I could still fit my head very easily inside its jaw-dropping mouth! So glad I will never fear being eatin’ by one. Thanks to Evolution!

Which brings me to my topic. Is Evolution real? DUH, of course it is! There is evidence of it everywhere. Sure some argue on the religious side that Adam and Eve were the first humons to ever walk the Earth. Which is 100% True! But what about the  Neanderthals? There skeletons and culteral remnants line the Earth. Tools used and Bones left in the soil have brought to some an interesting perspective. Did humans evolve from Apes?

With little research under my belt I am not able to solidify the answer yes or no. But what I do know is Religion and Science work together in harmony. You can prove science with religion and religion with science. All it is is enlightened thinking. So from years of going to Church and at times half listening, this is my theory.

“Yes, Heavenly Father did create the Earth in 7 Days! That’s pretty fast right? Wrong, a day in our life is exactly opposite of a day in Spiritual sense. It has taken billions upon trillions of years to create this earth. From single celled organisms in oceans of water which finally found itself walking on land, It all was a process. Which was meticulously thought out by non other than our creator. Yes, there were Dinosaurs. Yes, I believe there were catastrophic events that wiped them out. And Yes, I believe there were ape-like creatures that evolved into man-like figures. But it wasn’t until they were fully evolved that the Human was developed and Adam and Eve received there gift of the Spirit. From there, procreation took its course.”

So there you have it, my individual and personal theory on the entire Evolution! I’m not here to tell you its right, I’m here to tell you to think!

Some research on the Bible says that Adam and Eve, who resided in the Gardens of Eden, was on the American Continent. Genesis 2:8. I referred to this informative explanation on the creation here! You should read it, its crazy!!


  1. dog said:

    You’re retarded. If adam and eve are real how are there different races? Blacks, asians, lationo. etc.

    • Maybe you should do your own research before you start asking questions and calling people names. Race evolved the same way everything else evolved. Survival of the fittest. Evolution and location of the species created the different characteristics of their instinct and look. R u saying that if Adam and Eve were not existant it would explain race because the monkeys that evolved turned into their race? hmmm now whose the retard…. Read the bible. it explains it better than I can in this short comment.

    • Bex said:

      Then how are there different species of animals? it makes complete sense; its called adaptions to different environments. There’s different varieties of dogs isn’t there? There’s different varieties of people. It works with both creationism and evolution. So I’m asking you what do you believe?

      • But the varieties in dogs is a bit of a weak argument. There wouldn’t be so many varieties of dogs had man not intervened and begin to cross breed. Had man not intervened they would mostly all look like wolves….. just saying…

        • I second that:)

  2. I think you make me feel better about my son. He is a BYU grad who always argues for evolution. Having never been to the Y, I ask him if he is taught that there. He says, “Well, have you ever heard the church deny that there is evolution?” I think I am open to however God decided to do the whole creation thing, but I’m a little uncomfortable about monkeys / human evolvement. That sounds pretty dark to me. I like to think humans were the exception…that they were absolutely created in His image.

    • I agree. The more I ask questions about it the more I learn. Humans were seperate from neanderthals as well. We are our own species. And although we may not know all the answers, we can trust that our Heavenly Father knows what he’s doing and to me that is enough.

    • What I find “Dark” is hoe mankind treat one another over their opinions… The idea of coming from Apes isn’t at all “dark”…. Watch some documentaries on how apes and monkeys interact, its not “dark” at all… maybe fascinating… Watch the documentary “Koko” about a signing Gorilla… that might softene you stance a bit, not “Dark” but interesting..

  3. Ryan said:

    You people argue over someone’s oppionion. The fact is we DONT know and never will, have your faith and stick to it. I’m happy open-minded people still try to reason with everyone, all this bickering about who is right is pointless.

    • I agree. I have no idea really what is going to happen or what happened. All I know is I have Faith that whatever happens, is right.

  4. matterandspace said:

    nature is going to take its course and soon we will have different climate changes that we cant handle. Also I really don’t think that one person created all of this for people to end up having war with each other since humans have been around. unless this creator is toying with us. We are a species gone bad

    • haha that is somewhat of an antagonist view… With agency comes dispute and differing opinions, but also growth. Think how far culture and civilizations have come. From War comes Heroes, sacrifice, and a new tomorrow. The change in climate is absolutely a realistic thing that has turned the ages from dinosaurs, ice monsters, and now humans. I dont think things happen just because of a coincidence. In that sense it gives no hope to a better tomorrow. There is a plan for everything. Change is constant. Flowers bloom then die. But then pop up again the next season. We are on this Earth for a reason. If it is to die than that is our purpose. To make it great for the next generation.

  5. anthony said:

    really nice job here. Evolution is not the whole story tho. Evo. tells us that only the strong survive this that and the other. On the other hand research and greater thinking has evolution taking a back seat to the Morophogeneitic Field. Which states that things happen the way they do because they way they are. This when really looked at shows us that in nature its not a struggle to outbreed the other or get more food then another species . its that through good relations with other types of living systems pushes a species further along then others. its not that there stronger then a specific species its that there neighborly skills are more defined giving greater chance of survival .

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