Flower Power

Today’s Inspiration: Body Movement! As a model I try to always find new and fun ways to move in front of the camera. I absolutely love this model’s energy! Every thing she does makes the Die Blumarine Spring Campaign 2012 pop! This model has an amazing face and it shows! One thing that a lot of models forget is their face. Sure there poses might be great, but then she totally loses it in her facial expression. Speaking from experience, you have to totally encompass the mood and feeling of the shot and it will shine through everywhere! I love being in front of the camera. Check out more of the Flower Power collection!

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    this makes me wish i was long and lanky with flowing hair! haha

    • Me too!!! haha! I love these pictures! HOw r u?

      • thatgirlwhit said:

        i’m good, thanks!
        staying busy with work as always. still keeping things alive with boy in portland. and still trying to make plans for provo in april.
        how are you?! you seems so WITH IT in your career. what are the latest in your near future plans? sticking around provo?

        • Yes definitely staying busy with work! Im doing a lot of freelance work which I enjoy doing way more than my day job design work. haha. I do have some news! My previous boyfriend I dated for over a year that I was telling you about came back. lol. He realized what an idiot he was! haha. We’ve been talking a lot and I feel good about getting back with him. I will have to tell you more! But I am so excited to see you in April! I wish it was sooner! Im going to be sticking around in provo for a while if this relationship works out! haha. I love your italy photos! so jealous! So who is this boy your dating in Portland?? Do tell!!!!

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    REALLY!? that’s great news! as long as you feel good about it and he’s treating you right…and that you’re happy! SOgreat.
    same with work…you’re just rockin it, girl! keep it up.
    i guess it’s hard to be “dating” someone who lives on the complete opposite end of the country. he jokingly likes to think that all of our video chats are quality dates. ha! the distance is no fun, but we stay in contact daily. the story: i met him via elissa {iLOVEelissa}, he’s a good friend of hers from byu – joe. she thought we’d be a good match…we got in touch…things sparked…he came to visit me in december…and now we’re trying to keep it alive the best we can given our situation. he’s great, and he makes me SO happy.
    can’t wait for april either! where do you live exactly in provo?

    • shut up im so excited for you!!!! So Joe, is he moving to provo as well when you are? its so funny cuz you always in a long distance relationship haha! I always did too, its kinda funny. Im excited though because it seems like he does make you happy from I can tell! Ya bryce and I are doing really well. We are going ring shopping so we’ll see what happens:) I’m excited! I am also still going to fiji this summer for 6 weeks haha! its going to be crazy busy this summer! I am still living at Santa barbara apartments. You should check it out when you move back! there cheap over the summer and soooooooooo social! it was the funnest summer ever! i havent talked to elissa forever! i hope shes doing well! I love your new header design of your blog fyi

  3. thatgirlwhit said:

    RINGshopping?! ohemgeee…that’s kind-of-a-big-deal :) ..and exciting! keep me posted!!!
    no, he’s not moving to provo. we’ll at least be much closer though. he’s got this med research job in oregon and starts med school in august (not sure yet where). timing is complicated right now, but we feel that somehow we’ll figure it out.
    my dad served his mission in fiji… it looks SO amazing. i’m way jealous. what a blast!
    i’ll def look into santa barbara.
    and thanks! i’m no graphic designer…lol…but i do what i can.

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