What is Groundhog Day?

Its that one movie with that one guy Bill Murray that replayed the day about a million times and made you want to pull your hair out for the 90 minutes while you watched it right?! Wrong! Well kinda! haha. Its an actual Holiday that is observed every February 2nd in United States and Canada. It is all based around a small furry rodant that emerges from his little cave to see his shadow.

Folklore traditionally says that when the Groundhog emerges from his burrow and sees his shadow then he retreats back into his hole and Winter will continue for another six weeks. And if he doesn’t see his shadow then surprise, Winter is over! It’s crazy that the entire weather season is based upon a cloudy or sunny day for the entire country! haha So glad we have this holiday, or else I would not know what to wear for the next 6 weeks!

This year the largest Groundhog Day 2012 celebration will take place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. It is here that a groundhog named Phil will emerge from his burrow at around 7am. Same place they filmed Groundhog Day.

This year Phil saw his shadow!! More Winter means more snowboarding! Yayeah!

Not sure if kissing is a part of it but who wouldn’t want to, Phil is sooo cute!!!This reminds me a little of a movie about a small lion Simba and his father Mufassa….”Everything the light touches is your kingdom Simba.”Ok, finally a candidate I can support!

Is this really happening?

So grateful we have Groundhog Day after this picture!

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  1. Sean Breslin said:

    It’s also the day where meteorologists get offended when anyone thinks a rodent can predict the weather, as I found out at work today.

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