How Bad Do You Want It?

TODAYS INSPIRATION | How bad do you really want it?

This poster design really got me excited when I saw it on Commander In Chic today! Love her blog BTW. It reminded me of when I went to an open mic night with my boo Wednesday night.

To my surprise there were some pretty good voices emerging from the cliche homely artist types! I love seeing new talent in any medium. They hit the right notes and the strummed the right tune. I was actually taken back thinking, “They are just as good, maybe even better than the singers playing on the radio…” But how is that? Why would the better talent be stuck in a dingy open brick cafe with a few chairs playing their hearts out while the not-as-good-talents are sitting carelessly on their golden king beds while being fed exotic fruits and diamond rimmed wines? Is there some kind of disconnect that I am not getting here?

Then it occurred to me the struggle and sacrifice it probably took just to get to where they are. Picking up and moving everything to a tiny apartment in the heart of the ghetto LA streets infested with rats and bugs. Then working at a local diner just to make ends meet. Afterwords, handing out hundreds of CD’s to people who could care less. Then trudging from door to door for hours on end just to get a little demo song heard by a big wig in the label company! Sounds fun right? Not even! But in their eyes is amazing. Passion is the only thing that is driving them. Passion and determination to make their dreams come true. The dream that has kept them awake for nights since they were young.

So what characterizes an artist on the radio to an artist on the street? Hard work, passion, and determination. You can do anything you want if you work for it! Something that living in America my entire life has instilled in me. I have  a lot of dreams for myself in life. It’s not a question of whether I can do it, its a question of when.

    • Thanks for stopping by! always enjoy another designer in my midst!

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