Dream Home

TODAYS INSPIRATION | My Dream Home. It’s not too early to plan my future right? I didn’t think so! I lately have been obsessed with Interior Design. Thats all I pin these days. I’m trying to pin-point my decorating style for my future house. I went through an intense white-cottage-chic stage last summer and I decided to redecorate my BEDROOM with soft pink cottons, white frames, and diamond candle holders. It’s so relaxing. Here was my Inspiration…

Love it! Well now I am in a different stage in my decorating; warm colors, pop of pattern, and a lick of color. Here is what I want my dream Home to look like!

LIVING ROOM – Chandelier, warm walls, light furniture, pop of color, golds, silver, porcelain decor, lots of light, and fresh flowers! OH and the amazing orange deer head! Always wanted an orange deer head… I dont know why?!

BEDROOM – I’m obsessed with the gold foot stools, sea-foam walls, white linen, copper headboard, and gold sunburst above bed! Yessssss!

LAUNDRY ROOM – Turquoise walls and chandelier. pinch me please!

KITCHEN – This was a hard one for me to pinpoint the perfect picture. I love the white cabinets, fresh flowers, softness, and friendly feeling! I would put some really nice tall wood chairs. But I love the art on the walls and the color.

OFFICE – As a Graphic Designer I enjoy color and playfulness. It gets my creative juices going! I love everything about this room, especially the bird sitting next to the window! The pink chair, the colorful books in the white case, yellow chandelier and lighting fixture, and gorgeous green table!

SPARE BEDROOM – Love the stripes, yellow, browns, and greys.


BATHROOM – Grey and Pink + Chandelier

BACKYARD – So romantic I know!

OK so you see now What dilemma I’m in! All the room’s are so completely different! I need to figure out what I want! I think I will just decorate each room to how I am feeling that day. Thats what I do with my style in the mornings when I am choosing what to wear. Today I feel comfortable. Tomorrow I may feel sassy!

  1. Cafe23 said:

    These are such beautiful ideas! I don’t think I’d ever leave the house if it looked like that! =P

    • Me either haha! Can’t wait to have a house to do all this!

  2. I love every room, I wonder how much it would cost me to have mines look like it…

    • Thats what I was wondering too! haah Im going to need endless funds lol

    • Thank you! I can’t wait until I have the funds to do it! oh and a house to decorate :) Thanks for the comment

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