Pinterest Drives More Referral Traffic Than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Pinterest. Still not a word in the dictionary, but give it time, and it will be. Ask anyone what they did today, and most likely they will say they “pinned”. As part of my unique and quirky personality I like to receive credit for anything and everything great! So for example, I believe that I was one of the first to start pinning back in the spring of 2011! I feel like before it really caught on like wildfire I got all my friends hooked! haha! Giving credit to me is ridiculous and not right AT ALL, but I still jokingly do it!

So when did PINTEREST get so popular? From research, Pinterest went live December of 2009, but started getting a lot of hits March of 2010. What’s great about the system they designed is it’s invitation only. So they fact that you have to wait a couple days before receiving the wonderful green light, you were going crazy! 2011 was Pinterest’s big year and stats have been rising like since. On August 16th, Time Magazine published Pinterest in its 50 Best Websites of 2011! Hooray for Pinning!

What are the STATS of PINTEREST today? 

With Facebook still a home run and StumbleUpon picking up steam, Pinterest continues to raise in immense traffic, heading Youtube, Google+, and Linkedin combined!

429%? 429%? 429%!!!!!!! Now thats a business I want stock in!

I love pinning. I do it almost everyday! It is an addiction that I can’t get away from. Sure its not harmful, but it is time consuming and somewhat distracting. Maybe thats what makes it so popular? For example, I don’t see how spending hours on facebook has benefited me in anyway, except to take a break from the stressful life I lead at times. For that I am grateful. Thank you Pinterest for doing the same. You have saved my sanity and kept me artistically stimulated all hours of the day!

found via shareaholic

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    thankHEAVENS for pinterest. it does make my time wasting seem so much more “productive”…because i at least leave it feeling inspired to do so many things!!!

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