Mission Serve: Bula Fiji 2012

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Bula Fiji 2012. Yep, thats me! I’m going to Ba, Fiji this summer for an amazing Humanitarian trip with my Best Friend Sandra! I am so excited to Help with the volunteer efforts with HELP International, a non-profit organization that works across the glob empowering people by teaching self-sustainable skills!

Can you believe that…. 25% of the population in Fiji live below the poverty level! Most make only 1$ a day! How are they supposed to support their families on that? Because of the poverty, children often go to school without lunch! There is more of a crisis there than we think. Just like many 3rd World countries, tourist destinations bring some income, but other than that, the way of life is very bleak. 

Sandra and I are planning on taking a month out of our busy lives to teach the basic and quality skills it takes to

A. Build Gardens to support the serving of Meals and nutrition

B. Do Public Health Projects. 80% of the people die of basic health problems that are so easy to protect agains if given the right tools to do so.

C. Nutrition Research and Womans groups

D. Construct Buildings for schools, homes, and anything they need

I’ve always wanted to do a humanitarian project! And now I finally have the time and the opportunity to do it! Although, to be able to help these amazing and forgotten people, I can’t do it alone… I need your help! Check out our BulaFiji2012 Blog for updates!

Donations are greatly and exponentially appreciated. There is so much that these people need, that for us, we take for granted. Any amount goes a long way!

1$ $5 20$ 30$!!

Click here to DONATE on PayPal! The Children need your help! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

On Memo line write : Chelsea Vose

Children of Fiji




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