A Walmart Valentines

Happy Valentines Day to you! It’s crazy how fast this holiday, one of my favorites, came up this year! I usually have little Justin Bieber Valentines cards made with lollipops stuck to the front smiling its sweet candy face. I also would usually be decked out all in Red, Pinks, and some kind of sparkle, because Love shines!

But I cant help but to just look at myself and wonder! I am sitting at work, not a single pop of color on my drab outfit, my hair lazily wavy due to my lack of time this morning, and the ever so daunting puffy eyes due to my continual allergies to anything and everything! Life is so crazy busy right now that I completely forgot to look cute today!

I even procrastinated my Valentines gift for my Boo! So I found myself at traffic-central-Walmart during my lunch break today. “Don’t tell my boyfriend!” I was absolutely astonished and quite embarrassed at the scene I had suddenly come upon. Man after woman after man after woman were walking out of the big sliding glass doors with Flowers and Roses, and cards, and all those dumb little heart shaped boxes of candy for a dollar hanging from their arms in paper or plastic bags!

I don’t know about you but following the crowd makes me very uncomfortable! I fled from the isles and isles of Valentines with the swarms of people leaping at the over-priced stuffed animals and yanking them from eachothers hands. I saw everyone casually trying to act like they didn’t procrastinate the most important day of their significant others life! But the look of guilt can be seen for miles as they hurry and rush through the cashier before someone they know see’s them!

It just makes me think what all this is really for? Although like any holiday, last minute shopping is perpetual. Don’t remind me about Thanksgiving of ’04. That was a disaster and a story for another day. I just re-learned the lesson that Procrastinating is never a good idea.

I just hope that you did better than me and planned a bit earlier instead of the DAY OF! Although, I am pretty confident that Bryce is going to LOVE his present! I am so excited for what tonight will bring.



  1. Cafe23 said:

    This sounds like me when it comes to Christmas shopping. I am the ultimate, all-time procrastinator with buying Christmas gifts and then I have to subject myself to mass hysteria in the mall. Ugh.

    I didn’t plan earlier than you, I just planned nothing. Watched PVR’d shows with the bf and ate some chocolates that he got me =P

    Hope Bryce loved his present!

    • Oh he loved it thanks:) Ya Christmas has procrastination written all over it for me. But for some reason I kind of enjoy the hustle and bustle around that season. it makes it so much more festive! Although running to the store the night before is something I would do, I always forget to get something! haha

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