Style Goddess + Vday Updates

Found Via Polyvore 

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Black + Creme | I am loving this duo of color! Black is so classic and mixed with creme it warms it up during these winter months. I love the pink and peach flowers. Its Classy and sophisticated! I will start doing FASHION FRIDAYS! It will gear you up for the weekend activities with a new fresh look! Here are a cople more of my favorite black attire!

Images via Pinterest | type via Polyvore

UPDATE | Valentines Day | Last night was Valentines Day as you know! I hope all of you had a good one and love filled the air! My boyfriend couldn’t pick me up until 9pm because he had class til about 8:30pm. I was STAAAARVING by the time he got there, I even poured a bowl of cereal waiting for him! (woops!)

He surprised me for dinner and took me to sushi!! Sushi Ya?! Ya! My favorite and he knows it! They even had a pond with HUGE koi fish that I immediately stuck my hand in a petted them! slimmy and sooo coool!

Throughout the night he surprised me with little “homemade gifts” :) On each one he wrote a special note! I love that boy! We ended with a romantic fire and music playing. I gave him his gift and he gave me mine. Bryce loved all his favorite goodies I got for him; oreos, pretzel m&m’s, grape soda, smartfood, cake mix w/frosting, and I through in a can of veggies, don’t want his teeth to rot! haha

It took us all of Bryce’s junk mail, a whole stack of printer paper, and mcdonalds to-go bags from the garbage to light the fire! haha


    • He is very romantic! Last year was just as amazing. Dinner and then craft time and then we ended it up on a mountain, with a fire, and candles lit all around us:) It was a great night! Thanks for your comment!!

    • Thanks so much!!!! I am so excited to blog this! these are the moments that makes blogging even more fun! haha

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