80’s Dancin’ in Vegas

TODAYS INSPIRATION | 80’s Dancing | I absolutely Love 80’s dancing! Born in 88′, It’s in my blood!

    • hahaah Thanks!!! We went to the Goodwill and bought his outfit that day in the womans department lol. The pants I’m wearing have been in my 80’s dressup go-to for a while since I found them a couple years ago! haha

        • yep, thats bryce! We’ve known eachother since 8th grade and Ive had a crush on him since then! haha

          what r u tagging?! I will check it out

        • I still need to post the award I got from you!! crazy days dont leave much time for blogging!!

        • Cafe23 said:

          Lol don’t worry, it’s hard to get around to everything. And if you don’t have to make a Tag post, you can just answer the questions on my post when you have time =P

        • awesome! i saw that! I will try and get around to it today! life as a graphic designer never ends:) I love it!

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