Dirt Bike for the Presidents

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Family | I had such a great day today in Vegas! My boyfriends family and I headed out to the beautiful Dry Lake Bed on the outskirts of town! With a trailer full of dirt bikes and a car full of people, it was heaven. We roasted hot dogs over the fire with the kids and laughed til it hurt. I love the Hoer family. They have been so sweet to me. Since bryce and I had been broken up the past 6 months, and now back on again, I was uncertain as to how the family would react to me. To my surprise they “Thanked” me for letting Bryce back into my life. And that they were grateful I was back in theirs. Tear* Best compliment I’ve ever received. It makes me grateful for the people in my life. I want to marry Bryce, so I see their family as my own. If that dream came true, I would be the happiest girl in the World. :)

  1. jkenjin said:

    thankx for sharing! Keep up the good posts ^_^ Have a great aloha week!

  2. Cafe23 said:

    Sounds like such an awesome day! Especially the roasting hotdogs part =P
    Glad your fears were laid to rest with Bryce’s family :)

    • It was a great weekend and all my fears are gone about his family, its crazy! My motto right now is “Good things take time.” I never understood that until now. :)

      • Cafe23 said:

        That’s a good motto to live by and so true :)

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