ABC Award!

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I just received the ABC AWARD for Blogging! Yippeee! First of all I would like to THANK one of my favorite fellow blogger CAfe23! She is so sweet and has so much inspiration and advice for me everyday!

The Rules of the ABC AWARD is you have to pass on to atleast three great bloggers you know. You have to display the award on your blog, and create your own ABC list (whatever theme you want)! Here we go … It is my pleasure to present the ABC Award to:

1. COMMANDER IN CHIC | I love all her amazing upbeat posts and create finds!

2. THAT WHIT GIRL | Randomly found her blog and loved it! We became friends online and now we are going to be Roommates! Crazy!

3. GO PANTONE | Love the graphic design he finds! So fresh and in your face!

4. WITH LOVE WHIT | Fashion fashion fashion! Love her steez!

5. THE OCCASIONAL AFFAIR | Gotta get my interior design fix. This blog has so many great ideas that I can’t wait to do in my own home.

6. NEST DESIGN STUDIO | I have been following them from the beginning and have always been inspired every time I open their blog!

Next is the ABC List that describes me……




Dangerously Funny





Island lover


Kookoo (made-up word?)




Only Child


Quite a catch







Xylophone….. (only X word I could think of)

Yellow hair (blonde)



  1. Cafe23 said:

    Aww you’re too sweet, Chelsea! Thanks for the compliments :) I love your list. And the glitter pic and that version of the ABC Award! I’m definitely replacing mine with that one haha!

    • Thanks I made it! ya the ABC award needed a little updating dont ya think:)

      • Cafe23 said:

        Haha yeah totally! Ugh =P

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    i LOVE the little caption by my link!!! goodness i can’t wait! and thank you for the mention! your blog is always so fab!

  3. The Occasional Affair said:

    After a crazy weekend, you just made my day so much brighter! Thank you for the mention and I’m glad you have enjoyed it! I have loved your blog too!

    • Thank you so much! It means alot that I made your day a little bit brighter! Keep up the amazing blog and work!

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