Calm it down, calm it down, calm. it. down.

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Roommates are annoying!!!Ever lived with Roommates? Well then you might understand my frustration this morning. I am a really easy person to live with! I clean up after myself everyday, I do the dishes, I am friendly, and I always try to stay in a good mood so I am a pleasure to be around. Well after this morning I’m feeling like the “model” Courtney from the Bachelor this season! “Can’t handle all the estrogen in such tight courters!” HAHA. I just wish my roommate didn’t always try to tell me what to do and control me. Just because she has never been asked out on a date once or kissed a boy doesn’t mean she can skip the dating and marriage and pretend to be my mother!

So here are some photos I liked this morning that made me feel better:) If you have any SATAN ROOMMATE STORIES you should let me know so I don’t feel so alone!


found via WeHeartIt

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    my last semester at byu – winter 2008 – my roommmate was horrible! the apartment held 6 girls, 3 rooms, and my particular room-mate was a 27 year old RM. she was a ginger, overweight, and bitter about being single or never dating. she was also a hypochondriac. she had “migraines” every day, no joke. she would come home and go straight to bed – she would get SO angry if i turned on the lights or if we made any noise in the whole apartment because it amplified her migraine. she was such a cranky bat 24/7. and her dresser was covered in orange pill bottles….on a few occasions because of the intensity of her migraine, she would wake us up in the middle of the night – like 2am or so and say she needed to go to the emergency room. we would take her, spend hours there….just for them to turn her away every time because they had already given her so much meds on previous visits now she was dubbed “pill seeking”. hahaha! anyway…living with her was miserable, so i resolved to just never be home. WHAT a semester, i’m pretty sure she hated me. and i am SUCH a likeable person! lol

    • OMG OMG OMG!!! She sounds like satan roommate! I can’t even believe that! I agree, who would she not like you, your so likable!. I can promise you the roommate I was talking about (the one I share a room with) is not that crazy! She just likes to remind me about curfew every time my boyfriend is over. “Curfew is midnight guys…” “Don’t forget curfew” blah blah blah! Thats the only thing you need to worry about. She as well is a 25 year old RM. Overweight, bitter because she’s never been on a single date, never kissed a boy, and reads about 3 novels a night and watches her NCIS constantly. Haha! I have gotten used to it. She’s nice and all and talks a lot, so be careful to not ask her too many questions, she will talk your ear off. But its ok cuz we will have fun this summer! I want to do fun photoshoots since your so good at it! Photoshoots are my favorite thing ever!

      • thatgirlwhit said:

        HAhaha…this will be fun living with her. after 18months of mish companions…i feel i can handle anything! lol.
        aaaaand….get all your photoshoot ideas filed, we will remake them!!!! i’m always in the mood for that.

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