“Just another Manic Monday, Wish it was Sunday”

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Anything and Everything that makes me giddy this monday morning | Sometimes I just want to spend my morning looking at pictures that are to die for! Things that tickle my fashion taste buds, or awake my interior design entena’s. Either way, I found some inspirational images at this great Tumbler site Cape Cod Collegiate! You will love her blog!

  1. Charlotte B. said:

    The last picture is definitely my favorite! :)

  2. Cafe23 said:

    Nice pics! They make me feel for spring …. boo :(

    • its snowing as we speak here! no more spring for a while! But I still need to get my snowboarding on this winter, havent been enough!

      • Cafe23 said:

        Oh nice, you snowboard! I gave up on that after my two accidents haha. I shall return to the mountains one day!

        • oh no 2 accidents!!! Thats terrible! Ive been in a few myself. I broke my friends neck on accident:( and I rolled my car coming down the canyon from snowboarding!! Scary!

        • Cafe23 said:

          Oh my Lord! Oh wow, that’s totally scary! How did you move past the fear? :s I can’t bring myself to go snowboarding again. For now.

        • i was scared to drive for a while but not to board. I guess the fun outweighs the fright!

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