1. Nice Madame, very stylish. More Power to you. Nonoy Manga

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    SO profesh….one of these I’m a hire you to design things for me! I wouldn’t want anyone else!

  3. This is so f****ing cool!!! wow. Pardon my language.

    Wicked site and work.



    • do you do any video editing and or logo stuff?

      • Yes I do freelance work, including logo design. Are you looking to freshin up your steez?

        What kind of video editing do you need done?

        • Well I’ll be cycling about 1400miles this summer into some beautiful areas of eastern canada. Wanted to do a film and you seem to have some nice “steez”. haha

        • well when you get done and need some editing let me know. You can just do it on imovie as well. That is easy and fun!

          haha thanks i try

        • great! i’ll let you know. maybe i’ll ask you to help out with a brewery logo I want to patent soon as well.

          Just want to pick up the domain name first so no1 can steal it.

          It would be nice to get some fresh insight on the logo. ( i have started working on it already)

        • Whats the name of the brewery?

        • haha well im afraid I can’t say that just yet, especially on the internet.

          But im really interested in seeing what you can do with it.

          I’ll let you know when I get all the domain names settled out.

          Thanks :)

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