Freshly Pressed!

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Freshly Pressed | Shut the front door! I can not believe this! Making the homepage of WordPress on the Freshly Pressed is a HUGE accomplishment for me! You have no idea what this means to me and how grateful I am. All my hard work of blogging because I Love it has all payed off.

I am so glad that people find my ‘Todays Inspiration’ inspiring! To be honest I mainly do it for myself. As a professional graphic designer I spend A LOT A LOT A LOT of time on the computer searching new and fresh ideas to inspire my own work. Sharing it has only increased my excitement because I want others to see all the amazing things artists have to offer to the World.

Life is Nothing Without Art. Every day we find ourselves hustling just to get through the day. Art gives me the opportunity to take a step back and realize how beautiful life is.

Im the one on the bottom right!

  1. darla said:

    what a crazy ride FP is!!!

  2. orchid said:

    congratulations! awesome feeling right? :)

    • The best! have you been freshly pressed? how do they choose?

  3. Sean Breslin said:

    Holy cow. Someone I know got Freshly Pressed. Well, a blog I read. But…that’s like the same thing!


    • Thanks!!! Big Deal for me so I’m still kinda freaking out! haha

      • Sean Breslin said:

        Well you deserve it. You run a great blog!

  4. Cafe23 said:

    What?! Omg girl, I missed this while I was away?!! Congrats! You totally deserve it. I’m psyched for ya! :)

    • ya last week was huge for me i was sooooo stoked to be freshly pressed!!!!

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