Date Night @ Juicy Berry

TODAYS 411 | Date night with my boo| So as you all know I was recovering from surgery last week. Ugh. But the good part was my adorable boyfriend stayed with me every minute to take care of me. Whatever I asked for he was there, to get me my water, pills, food, put the blanket on me, take the blanket off, get me my book, turn off the tv, scratch my back, etc! I think thats when you know someone truly loves you, when they can look at you with NO MAKE-UP on for a whole week and care for you hand and foot with a smile on their face:)

Well we decided to go out for some fro-yo at yummy Juicy Berry (The dulce de leche was A-Ma-Zing!) at The Gateway to get out of the house! So fun!  I bought a NEW iPhone case at Urban Outfitters! It had a cate face on it. Picture coming soon! Bryce (my boo) makes fun of me because I buy so many. I spend a lot of time looking for cool new cases with artwork on them, its a hobby kind of since I got my new 4s iphone.

Oh heres one small detail I might have forgotten to tell you guys……………

WERE  GETTING  MARRIED!!! (ring picked out, just waiting for the proposal:)

  1. itsmecherry said:

    Congratulations to both of you! Such a wonderful couple

  2. Cafe said:


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