Alberto Seveso’s Move With Me Pieces

TODAYS INSPIRATION | One shape created from another | This goes along perfectly with my life actually. I feel very bad, I felt as though I had abondoned you for almost a week. Not blogging for a week feels like an eternity! I have been recuperating from a surgery and have not even looked at a computer until today. I never knew how draining it can be on your eyes to stare at a screen all day. I guess you don’t realize it until you’ve had some time to recover from it. haha. I will tell you the surgery went great and I am back in business on your days inspiration! Thanks for sticking with me:)

Now about this amazing work. As soon as I saw Alberto Seveso’s work I knew my fellow bloggers would go bonkers over it just like me! The ravenous movement turning one shape into another while curving and twisting the colors until something beautiful is simply outstanding! Very spontaneous and obtrusive. So much like myself. So much of this week as well. Wanting to get up and run, jump and play like these designs, but sentenced to bed rest instead.

source via here


  1. Oh my! These are absolutely spectacular!

    Is it strange that I wish I could live inside of one? Specifically the 4th, then the 2nd. :p

    • I love them as well! Its kind of like when your in a plane and the clouds are just rolling and twisting by you. Always wanted to jump on them too. hahah thanks for stopping by!

      • I have always wanted to touch the clouds too! lol

        Not a problem, what you post is inspiring.
        & Thanks for subscribing to me as well!

        • Always looking for inspiration myself so your blog was just the ticket:)

  2. It reminds me of smoke, clouds, water, and goo all at the same time!

    • yes yes yes , couldn’t of said it better myself :)

  3. Is this CGI or some photos with water. Or is this some type of photo magic that the photogician won’t reveal? Very interesting to say the least.

    • Not quite sure. The artists puts it in his digital photography and digital art folder so I am assuming something like that. very cool tho!

  4. Cafe said:

    Happy to hear your surgery went well!
    I like the photos — they remind me of scarves :)

    • I know huh! they do look like scarves!

      Thank, yes I am feeling great! Its good to be back into the blogging world. I have so much to catch up on, I havent read any blogs lately!

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