Wednesday has got me Inspired

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Everything | How can one go through life only looking for one thing? It’s impossible. I try doing it just for my blog and I winde up finding so many amazing designs that inspire me! Here is my collection of things I found today that are simply inspiring.

A Restless Transplant | A career man on the verge to find life. I love this blog because its all about how this guy leaves his New York City job for an adventure in his van through the West surfing and camping! He’s put on over 19000 miles on it already and every mile is worth it! I try and follow everywhere he goes! His photography is AMAZING! You will love it!

“Bagdad Today” | Two woman in search of the reality in Iraq today. The images are amazing. Here you have a house after being bombed. Still being used it looks like. To my surprise is pretty normal life over there just like here. People out and about, going to the gym, eating at restaurants, going to carnivals, etc.

I love this photography, especially the modeling. The styling is so Hunger Games -esk! Love Joanna Kustra‘s work!

More of Joanna Kustra‘s work. Fabulous!

“motion in air” by Mike Campau

Architecture vavoom!

Eurovision Song Birds

Brand Identity: Sommelier Markov Anatoly

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