Busy with Design

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Busy Busy Busy | OK, I know I have been so aloof these past couple weeks. I can’t believe I have neglected the one place I feel at home.

A lot has been happening lately. First of which is I got let go at my job. This may sound sad but it has been extremely refreshing. I felt like a bird in a cage that just wanted to spread its wings. It’s been a week without a real job and I can honestly say it feels great! I am a freelance Graphic Designer and am so busy with all my design work. People just come to me and need designs done. From logos to websites and iphone apps too. I do it all! I love it! Working for yourself is soooo much better.  Heres a logo and iphone app I designed yesterday for a company called Stanzify.

I had a job interview this week and it went amazing! Its at a company called North Ridge Publishing where they create magazines for the crafty homemaker’s soul. Cooking, cards, scrapbooking, cricut, and more. I hope they call me back because it would be a great postion. I’lll just do freelance on the side like I’ve been doing. This is the design I did for them.

As well as those I have been designing a Logo, Business Card and a brochure for this company called Compass Surgical Network.

I also designed a logo for a company called Decoration A Day. Here is the logo in b/w and color.

Then on top of that I have been planning a Wedding! August 14th People! Woopie! Funny part about it is I’m not even engaged yet! My boyfriend is taking foooooorrrrreeeeeevvvvver to propose! We could be married before I even get the ring! haha I like to tease him but I have a feeling its coming soon. At least with all the nagging i’ve put him through. haha jk! I love that boy:) With all the craziness I did find time to hula hoop at walmart. Had a few on lookers, pretty proud of myself!

  1. texaschowder said:

    Congratulations! I cant wait for the day that I ditch my job and go out on my own.

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