Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Celebrating 24 years on the Earth | I can’t believe its already my Birthday again! Yay for me! Everyone has been so sweet! Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to go out with the Love of my Life tonight! Hope he has some surprises up his sleeve, because I am expecting some:)

  1. Happy Birthday beautiful!! You deserve to have an amazing day so I hope you get what you wish for. And I’m sure your sweet man has some surprises for you:) xoxo

  2. Susan Vose said:

    Happy Birthday, my beautiful niece!

  3. Happy happy birthday to you! I hope you’ve had an amazing time celebrating :)

    • I did! and I still have more celebrations! Party with my family, party with my boyfriend, party with my local friends, and then party with my besties on Wednesday!! so great:) Thanks

  4. Cafe said:

    Yay! Happy birthday, Chelsea! Hope you are having an amazing day!!! :)

    • Thank you so much! You are so sweet! How are you??

      • Cafe said:

        Aww no need to thank me :)
        I’m good! Just finished a crazy streak of work and now I’m back to the goodness that is my life =P

  5. texaschowder said:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you get everything your want..::ehhemm:: the ring!

    • omg I agree! No ring:( But its ok, I just need to have patience. Something I never quite grasped haha

      • texaschowder said:

        Girl I waited 7 years for a proposal that never came at least you have the date set! It will be well worth the wait I’m sure he has something great planned!

        • Yes I am very grateful for everything. I shouldnt get stressed! I will have the ring for the rest of my life. A few more days doenst make a difference:)

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