Yellow Brilliance

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Wedding decor | Ok so my taste buds are continually changing and I can’t stop it! Just 3 months ago I was sooo into pinks and whites and creams and lace and crystals etc etc. Now all of a sudden its changed.  I love yellows and corals and navy blues. What to do what to do!

With the Wedding only 4 months away I have already begun my decoration design. I am pretty sure I have it pinned down. Picture this: Soft whites, lace, rustic burlap, twine, shining gold and silver, pop of Yellow stripes to liven the mood, navy blue to give it the cape cod feel, baby breath flowers, sunflowers, meadow, wood, green moss, and cute baby animals:)

The reception is in this amazing Classy rustic Barn and the ring ceremony is going to be held outside among the tall trees, green grass, meadow flowers, and white rose petal path. Here is what I envisioned.

  1. Oh, I love the yellows and grays!!!! So fresh and fun!
    It’ll be fun to see what you chose.
    Happy Saturday,

    • I agree, they are such fresh colors! Im just hoping that the yellow isnt going to be too bright for people…. But I am excited! thanks!

  2. kelseyreinhart said:

    This is beautiful! Your wedding is going to be amazing, Chelsea. P.S. I love reading your blog!

    • Thanks!!! I am so excited to decorate for the wedding! haha Im such a girl. Thanks for stopping by! I will check out your blog!

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