Birthday Part 1

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Life would not be the same without friends | An update to my favorite blogging community… No RING Yet! :( But I am learning that patience is very well one of the most important virtues that I need to learn.

I have had a GREAT Birthday so far!!! I hung out with a bunch of girlfriends that I have not seen in a long time Saturday during the day! It was fun to talk weddings because they as well are getting married in a couple months. Then at night Bryce took me out! I was hoping for a romantic rondevou (have no idea how to spell it) with a path lined with rose petals and my ring sitting in a gorgeous golden pillow waiting to be placed on my freshly painted nails… haha! ok ok too much I know, but a girl has got to dream! That didn’t happen unfortunately, it was ok though. He took me to a romantic dinner and then we played miniature croquet and laughed til our stomachs hurt. Great night!

Then Sunday night I had a Dessert Party for my Provo friends! I am excited for Wednesday night because I am going out to dinner with the Sexy Seven= best friends from college and life!



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