The WSU Effect

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Poster Design | Did this for Weber State University. I enjoy doing little projects like this. Keeps me always working on something fun where I can do whatever I want on the side. I have become Weber State University’s Designer because I do so much freelance for them haha.

  1. Ooo, due on MY birthday! :P

    Looks great, by the way! Eye-catching and fun but still clean and professional.

      • No problem, & thanks!

        Keep up the beautiful work. It’s inspiring! I recently discovered I may be more interested in graphic art than fine arts. A lovely enlightenment made even better with your work!

        • well some words of advice, you will never go wrong with graphic arts. You will always find something inspiring and be learning new things everyday. I grew up a fine artists painting and drawing. Once I discovered graphic design it was like putting the best of both worlds together. and it is a reliable job. Always always always find work:)

        • Sounds, perfect; I hope to be as successful as you one day!

  2. Umm… it’s “affected,” dude. “Effected” is a noun. Also, “junior” and “senior” are not proper nouns, so they should not be capitalized. And finally, the plural “they” refers to a singular noun, which is incorrect.

    • I was given the copy to design. I did not change it. I will next time so it does not reflect badly on myself.

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