I Can’t Stop Planning

TODAYS INSPIRATION | I can’t stop planning | OK OK I’m not even engaged yet, but I love all the planning for my Wedding August 14th! I am so excited to decorate and pick the colors and find a honeymoon and just relish in all this fun girl stuff! Haha. I’ve had some girlfriends that got married a couple years ago and I remember them stressing out to the max and always unhappy… I personally think all this is so much fun. Maybe its because I’m a type A personality and Designer that it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to choose table clothes and invitation paper:)

Love this LOOK by Jasmine Star. Found initially on this blog

  1. kelseyreinhart said:

    What?! You’re not engaged yet?

    • I KNOW! Its crazy huh! He is a bit of a slow poke! The ring is done because I snooped and found out. But he is taking forever to get down on his knee and ask me! He even asked my parents for permission like 2 weeks ago! I talked to his mother the other night and told her she should help him and give him advice because its taking so long haha

      • kelseyreinhart said:

        Well hopefully it will be amazing when he does ask!

  2. texaschowder said:

    You’re getting married on my birthday!!

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