Picture This

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Wedding Photographers | Found this amazing photographer at the BRIDAL FAIR I went to Saturday! FYI: Bridal Fairs are da Beeeest! Free Food, free compliments, and no one can judge you for talking about your wedding too much! Well, I was definately on the look out for Photographers, catering, and flowers.

When I came to Bladh Photography Booth I was sold! She had yellow and white Chevron table liner, pillows, cute flowers, amazing logo, and I loved her pictures. This was my favorite shoot! I want to do pictures just like this! check it out!

Source via here

  1. interiorlove said:

    LOVE these photos, so whimsical *sigh* makes me feel like I could get lost in a daydream :)

    • I feel the same way!! I love them!!! So glad I snagged her for my wedding!

  2. Cafe said:

    Stunning! Totally feel like I’m in some other time looking at these photos :)

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