Psychic Land by 2veinte

TODAYS INSPIRATION | This is how I feel | This art kind of gives me a headache looking at it because there is just so much going on! But thats why I love it. Artist is 2viente.I feel like thats my head right now. Its not that I have too much going on I just have too much I want to do! Today I worked on my freelance @ Starbucks! Oh the people you will see… It takes me back! Being an Art Major I grew uccustomed to working in a constant creative environment where people express their creativity through their dress! I feel so at home because I love to dress a little crazy!!! FYI I wore a top hat to class a couple times and no one thought a thing! haha. Art is DA BEEEST!

Why Do coffee shops attract those kind of people? There’s not a world wide manual that says, “creative people must spend at least 10 min a day of liesure time at local coffee shops…” If there is I didn’t get it, I just go there because I like the atmosphere. I DONT DRINK COFFEE! yuckers!

source via here

  1. Madame extravagance. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. I love this type of artwork! There’s so much going on and every inch is covered with something to gawk at. I admire artists that can do this. I’m more of a minimalist artist, but mainly because I can’t think of this much stuff to cram into a page. Lol!

    • I am the exact same kind of artist! I really admire these people who can do amazing work like this

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