Advertising in its Own World

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Advertising | Advertising can be Good, but it can also be Baaaad. I did a Marketing Minor at Utah State University and I always felt like they needed to require a graphic design class for these advertising majors because they had no idea how to design. I was scared for those students going out into the real world putting up the advertisements we see everyday all day driving on the freeway, going to the store, and worst of all.. watching tv.

It can be clutter, actually mostly clutter, but there are those rare ads that jump out and make you smirk and say, “I might actually buy that product.” I’ve done it! We’ve all done it! Its like giving a friendly salute to a fellow citizen who finally understands what people want to see.

Check it out here on this advertising site I stop by every once and a while to see whats up in the world:)

“What you see isn’t always true.”

Advertising Agency: JWT, Tunis, Tunisia
Executive Creative Director: El Zoghlami Ahmed
Art Director / Copywriter: M’Timet Racem
Copywriter: Bedioui Azyz
Photographer: Chalghoum Karim
Planner: Kaddour Hazem


  1. I had to rub my eyes a few times, but then I finally got it.

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