I said YES!

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Love trumps all | After 2 looong years of dating and breakups, it is finally here! Were engaged! The love was there, but seeing eye to eye wasn’t always. I guess some people BOYS need to grow up a bit:) I am so excited to start a new life with my husband to be August 14th!

You are probably all wondering why I am holding a cute wittle piggly wiggly in my arms and wondering if there is some kind of inside joke or something…. Actually there is no inside joke! haha The fact that I am simply obsessed with baby animals, especially farm animals, gave Bryce the most miraculous idea ever!

After a wonderful date of lighting off lanterns in the sky, sushi, a treacherous drive through a rain storm to Salt Lake, climbing the State Capital building (First kiss location) and a mysterious trip to his aunt’s house, I walked into what could be a dream! A baby Pig with a BIG PINK BOW and a Ring attached waddling towards me! It set of the tear machine instantly! Before I knew what was going on Bryce was on one knee asking if I would spend the rest of my life and eternity with him!!!!

I said YES!


  1. Cafe said:

    Congratulations, gorgeous!!! I’m so happy for you!! :D

  2. texaschowder said:

    I have been anxiously awaiting your news! Congrats!

    • thanks!! hha I have been anxiously waiting as well!

  3. thatgirlwhit said:

    yesYESyes!!! i’m so happy i got to be here in the day it happened! bubba!

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