Diamond by Noah Collin

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Looking into the Diamond of Life | Sometimes I wish I could look at my life the way you can see every angle of this diamond. How great would it be to see the next turn and what you have to look forward. Knowing that the hurt wasn’t for nothing.

As I look down at the sparkly diamond on my left hand, I see now a lot of what I was waiting to find. The nights of tears and literal agony of the loss man of my dreams. The clouded dates of half laughs and fake smiles. The guilty bitterness that others have what I wanted; a family, a plan, someone to call home to. Obviously pathetic, and I knew it. Yet I could not shake it. 100% romance craving silly girl was my montra whether I liked it or not. I know that life has so many more turns for me, but right now, I’m happy riding the curve. Thank you Heavenly Father for listening to all my complaints. If it wasn’t for you, my Mother might have disowned me…

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