Why I dont Blog

This could be answered in one basic 2 syllable word that the every human has rehearsed as the number one and only legitimate excuse in webster dictionary for not following up on current responsibilities.

I’m “BUSY”

Sad but true. Who has ever used this simple line to disregard any persecution from friends, family, and co-workers for not living up to expectations? I can assure you 99.99999999% of you have. Excluding babies and young children who are still naive and honest in this World of white lies and manipulation.

What else can I say? What really is behind the word “Busy”? It’s excuses that people don’t want to hear. Once you start becoming the excuse guy, everyone starts looking at you like the homeless person on the street that never stops talking to themselves about gibberish that no one cares to listen to. Its all relative. I prefer to just keep it simple and sweet, not to hurt anyones feelings.

I could say that I am planning the biggest party of my life where the whole day will be about Me, Me, Me, oh and my groom! Also, that I have become so busy with work and Freelance! Which I am surely grateful for, because I need the money so desperately. That is just one of my excuses of why I don’t blog anymore.

The next one is oh so crucial, that you might jump out of your seat… you ready? I. HAVE. TO. SPEND. TIME. WITH. MY. FIANCE. WHO. I. NEVER. SEE. BECAUSE. HE. IS. CONSUMED. WITH. SCHOOL. Its quite frustrating. I could complain about it. Don’t think I haven’t. But I’ve come to realize he is doing it for me. He has to get good grades so he can get into Medical School. Then one day become an oh so coveted Doctor, that seems so far away! But is only on the horizon, just like everything else:)

I could say, “I can’t wait until life slows down..” But I would be lying. I love fast past life. I love always having something to do. I love having only a few minutes to get somewhere, like a race car driver on a track. Its fun. I know life has its ups and downs. But I should enjoy more of these bumps. I love supporting my fiancé in school. I love working hard for him. And I love balancing it all on a tight rope. I am confident that everything is going to work out:) It always does, and I become stronger and more resilient because of it. I can take on the World!

  1. Cafe said:

    We all definitely have those times where we’re just too busy to blog. Sometimes we just need a break from blogging just because. Whatever the case, and however much your readers miss you, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And yes, everything will work out ’cause like you said, you are already strong and resilient!

    All the best in tackling life’s adventures! :)

    • Thanks! Your so sweet! Funny thing, ThatGirlWhit and I were talking about you the other day! We Live together its so great! But we were just saying how dedicated you were to blogging and how horrible both of us have been since we got engaged! When life slows down a little bit I will for sure be back in the blog of things:) Thanks for your comment!

      • Cafe said:

        Omg you two are so sweet to think of me *blush*
        I think getting engaged is a pretty darn good reason to be absent on your blogs! Take care of business and we’ll be happy to see you again when you’re back ;)

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