Hi, I am back. I wrote a couple blog posts on and then ultimately forgot about blogging all together. And since I have forgotten the username and passwords to that blog I am back here! haha! So I just want to clarify that my name is not Chelsea Vose anymore. It is Chelsea Hoer. I married the man of my dreams August 14 2012 and here I am almost 10 months later! Crazy how time flies.

Since my marriage, a lot has happened. Got a great job. Was layed off. Started my business. Was unemployed for sometime. Got another great job. Bought 3 chickens. Started a garden. Been a landlord of property. And been bussier than I could ever imagine with 2 jobs and a husband.

But why do I feel so unsuccessful? I feel like I haven’t done anything with my life. That I have been stagnant and unproductive. I sit here at my chair at work and long so badly to just hop on a plane and leave this stupid city I live in. I have become so consumed with other peoples successes, travels, and lives that I could care less about my own. I have lived in the same state for 10 years and the same city for over 3! I am screaming for an adventure! Not a temporary one, but a permanent one! I NEED to get out!

Of course it doesn’t help when all my friends take off for the summer to DC for internships, family living in Hawaii, and others moving to the east coast for school. I feel completely and utterly … JEALOUS. Yes you heard me! The Green Eyed Monster has come out and I have no way to control it. I have read “8 Ways To Overcome Jealousy and Envy” by  but it didn’t cure it. It did give me an idea though….

I need to do something with my life that is worthwhile! I need to accomplish something of my own to stop thinking about others. I need to be proud of myself for something.

So here I am looking for an adventure. Something that I could do at the same time with 2 full time jobs and a husband and house to take care of. What do I do with my life? Any ideas?


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