Public Transportation is the DEVIL


I am another one of those work commuters. I drive over 30 min everyday to get to my enjoyable yet stressful design job in the jungle of South Jordan. I HATE driving in traffic though so it has been, excuse my french, HECK, everyday.

So I decided, “Hey, maybe I should try the front runner…. It picks up pretty close to my house and drops me off kind of close to my work…”

So I started my adventure yesterday. Unknowing that trains only pick up every 30 min I missed the train I needed and had to wait the excruciating time for my public transportation experience to start. STRIKE ONE

Train arrived and off to work I go. It was actually quite nice until I arrived at my destination. “Oh Crap, now I have to walk what felt like 5 miles to my hidden office building in the corporate jungle…” Luckily someone from work graciously swung by my work and picked up this pathetic body of mine. Felt like I was back in high school again which gave immediate mixed feelings.  STRIKE TWO

Today I decided, maybe I will try it again. Rushed the morning away to get ready – wore flats yet again because there is no way I am walking countless miles in heels. I hate flats by the way, I’m only 5’8″ and I feel like a shrimp if I am not wearing my 6 inchers. Anyway, boarded my train on time and off I went. Into the sunset… wait sunrise, ok ok mid morning (I’m not much of a morning person). As my exit came near I packed my stuff up, proud to be a public transportationeer this fine morning. WRONG!!! From the time it took to walk down 3 stairs to the exit doors the DOORS LOCKED!!!! Trapping me inside!

“What is going on?! This is my exit, Le me out!” Yep, yelling didn’t work. Either did pushing the button a million times. Or those tears I had streaming down my face! Don’t ask me why I cry over everything. It just happens… With all my hard work, I was still stuck and off to the next station we go which could be heaven knows how far! In other words I was a jumble of pissed, upset, annoyed, MAD, hating life, temper tantrum, and most importantly vowing to NEVER ride the train again. STRIKE THREE

AFter waiting at the next stop for what seemed like a life time I finally got back on the train and there was nothing that was pulling me away from that exit door. The anger never passed as I walked those long miles to my stupid office that quite evidently I would rather throw myself into the barbwire fence that strangely separated humans from the street from the road… GHETTO!

This all brings me to now. Complainging that my life sucks when in reality I don’t have it too bad. I may have 3 strikes of utter hatred towards an inanimate object, but I am grateful I have a job in the end. I will just keep trying to get there on time.



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