Because it is. 


blossoms blossoms3-1 blossoms2Images by Anna Gleave Photography

This was such an amazing shoot for a wedding blog. We had a photographer and a videographer capturing every moment of our affection. Totally takes me back to our wedding day and the magic of that time only 10 short months ago. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. Its been over 10 years that I’ve been crushing on him, I guess I deserve it (smile).


965636_10151505257353101_1533344976_o  580291_10151505280873101_432630412_nImages done by Lora Grady

Love love loved this shoot the other night. I am so blessed to have such amazing photographers in my life! They can capture the beauty in ways I can’t even try to attempt. They are so blessed to have such a exquisite talent.


Wow, yesterday was rough. I always didn’t make it out alive. I felt like I was at the bottom of the pool stuck with a rope around my foot trying to get to the surface. Too graphic? ok, in other words, I was struggling. I found myself in a downward spiral of comparison. Comparing my life to everyone elses. Looking at my weakness’ and comparing them to others strengths. I always know when I am really upset I leave work and eat lunch by myself. Unlike me why? I never leave work for lunch, it is a waste of money when there is food here. I also hate being by myself when I could be with others. I am a social being.  A little too much at times.

Anyway, I reached out to a good friend of mine that I know always has my back. I expressed why I was so upset. Why I felt so inadequate. Why I felt like I didn’t measure up to what any of my friends and family were accomplishing. Why I wasn’t on a plane right now flying to heaven knows where and feeling the sand in my toes. Why I wasn’t someone else….

“Chelsea, you don’t have to travel or win things to be successful…Success is happiness, not traveling, but being around people you love…”

“Live in the moment..”

And many more things she said that opened my mind and heart to the thought of, “Hey, maybe I do have a pretty good life.”

I have to find success in what I have. If I don’t feel like I am doing enough. Find something more to do! I de de de deffinately don’t have ANY extra time on my hands. BUT, I do have goals and this very moment to decide to be happy.

I hope any of you, if your’e feeling the same way as I did, to turn to a friend that you know is positive and can be that star in the night to pull you out of your slump and remind you of your blessings.


Hi, I am back. I wrote a couple blog posts on and then ultimately forgot about blogging all together. And since I have forgotten the username and passwords to that blog I am back here! haha! So I just want to clarify that my name is not Chelsea Vose anymore. It is Chelsea Hoer. I married the man of my dreams August 14 2012 and here I am almost 10 months later! Crazy how time flies.

Since my marriage, a lot has happened. Got a great job. Was layed off. Started my business. Was unemployed for sometime. Got another great job. Bought 3 chickens. Started a garden. Been a landlord of property. And been bussier than I could ever imagine with 2 jobs and a husband.

But why do I feel so unsuccessful? I feel like I haven’t done anything with my life. That I have been stagnant and unproductive. I sit here at my chair at work and long so badly to just hop on a plane and leave this stupid city I live in. I have become so consumed with other peoples successes, travels, and lives that I could care less about my own. I have lived in the same state for 10 years and the same city for over 3! I am screaming for an adventure! Not a temporary one, but a permanent one! I NEED to get out!

Of course it doesn’t help when all my friends take off for the summer to DC for internships, family living in Hawaii, and others moving to the east coast for school. I feel completely and utterly … JEALOUS. Yes you heard me! The Green Eyed Monster has come out and I have no way to control it. I have read “8 Ways To Overcome Jealousy and Envy” by  but it didn’t cure it. It did give me an idea though….

I need to do something with my life that is worthwhile! I need to accomplish something of my own to stop thinking about others. I need to be proud of myself for something.

So here I am looking for an adventure. Something that I could do at the same time with 2 full time jobs and a husband and house to take care of. What do I do with my life? Any ideas?

Its true, but I’m not moving to a new house or anything, I am moving to a new blog! haha So I invite all of you to join me! My new url is ! I just wanted to start over with a new fresh blog name and a fresh start. A LOT has happened in my life this past year and I just can’t wait to start a new year on a new blog! Follow me please!! I love all of you!