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TODAYS INSPIRATION | My Dream Home. It’s not too early to plan my future right? I didn’t think so! I lately have been obsessed with Interior Design. Thats all I pin these days. I’m trying to pin-point my decorating style for my future house. I went through an intense white-cottage-chic stage last summer and I decided to redecorate my BEDROOM with soft pink cottons, white frames, and diamond candle holders. It’s so relaxing. Here was my Inspiration…

Love it! Well now I am in a different stage in my decorating; warm colors, pop of pattern, and a lick of color. Here is what I want my dream Home to look like!

LIVING ROOM – Chandelier, warm walls, light furniture, pop of color, golds, silver, porcelain decor, lots of light, and fresh flowers! OH and the amazing orange deer head! Always wanted an orange deer head… I dont know why?!

BEDROOM – I’m obsessed with the gold foot stools, sea-foam walls, white linen, copper headboard, and gold sunburst above bed! Yessssss!

LAUNDRY ROOM – Turquoise walls and chandelier. pinch me please!

KITCHEN – This was a hard one for me to pinpoint the perfect picture. I love the white cabinets, fresh flowers, softness, and friendly feeling! I would put some really nice tall wood chairs. But I love the art on the walls and the color.

OFFICE – As a Graphic Designer I enjoy color and playfulness. It gets my creative juices going! I love everything about this room, especially the bird sitting next to the window! The pink chair, the colorful books in the white case, yellow chandelier and lighting fixture, and gorgeous green table!

SPARE BEDROOM – Love the stripes, yellow, browns, and greys.


BATHROOM – Grey and Pink + Chandelier

BACKYARD – So romantic I know!

OK so you see now What dilemma I’m in! All the room’s are so completely different! I need to figure out what I want! I think I will just decorate each room to how I am feeling that day. Thats what I do with my style in the mornings when I am choosing what to wear. Today I feel comfortable. Tomorrow I may feel sassy!


Today’s Inspiration: Maybe your a little like me and find sparkle a girls best friend. Glamorous and Chic drive my cognitive stimuli up the wall! I love everything that oozes lace, diamonds, shine, sparkle, silk, embellishment, detail, and mixing modern with classic drama. What gets me going? Paris streets and Venezia beach. I am a sucker for romantic settings, flowers, candles, wrapped chocolate, and fireworks.

These Glamorous images were found on my new favorite blog 4 Inspired Design! Check it out, her style and design will blow your mind!

Hope you enjoyed this:) Now go out and be Glam Girl!



Today I woke up 10:30am (ssshhh, dont tell anyone, I dont want people to think I’m lazy or something). Was it because I slept through my alarm? No, because I pressed the snooze botton on my phone for 2 1/2 hours. haha. I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep. I sleep a little too many lately. That changes starting now!

Anyway, aside from my daily babble, I wanted to show you some of my favorite things I found and am sooo excited for!

I got the new White Iphone 4S! I’ll stop jumping up and down now… I get it on Nov 4th because its on back order. I’m a little behind the times with never having an iphone but I strongly believe against just following trends. But now that everyone has one I feel a little left out:( So excited to be in the loop!

This is the iphone Cover I found that I HAVE TO HAVE! Chevron design… Sign me up!!!

I love the Office and I LOVE Kelly on The Office! She just came out with the book and I can’t wait to read! Her blog is great too!

Love this blog. What would you take if your house was burning down? I must do my own!

Challenging at times but I have to say this to myself often!

I just wanna grab his lil tooshie and kiss his lil nose!!!!

I love my new bangs! I love being told their bangin:)

Could any room describe me more?!! I Submit that it cannot! My favorite colors are diamonds, sequins and lace!

Love is a combination <3

You have to leave laughing right?! Thanks for looking at my blog! Hope you come back for more!!!

Inspired by my new blog friend (blog #1) , I have decided to go through my favorite blogs and share with you where I find my inspiration to keep truckin everyday!

1. that girl whit  : Amazing person and inspiration. Positivity and inspiration flows through every post. Winning the Most Versatile Blogger award too! Congrats

2. student design blog : Her creativity and writing style astounds me every time. So funny and great artist. Goes through her trials and life goals. Good Read and great Illustrations!

3. Vanilla Ex : Best friend in the whole entire World! Love her blog because she inspires me and makes me laugh at the same time. Plus I make an appearance in many of the posts which always delights me:)

4. sarah smiles awhile : Quarky and absolutely satiracly hilarious. hits on everything that is true and makes you warm and fuzzy inside. Great blog!

5. Nest Design Studios : Amazing pictures of Interior decorating and gorgeous finds. Love it!

6. Creamy Life : I love her color pallettes and amazing interior design style! it fits me perfectly! So creative.

7. Abzeeedo : Daily Inspiration of Graphic Design and ART! My passion and heart! being a graphic Designer I find inspiration just looking through these!

8. V.S. Bjorge : Art, Graphic Design, Amazingness, ARt, graphic design, amazingness! all original work.

9. Once Wed : I dabble on this wedding blog when I feel the temptation. It actually was one of the first blogs I ever saw. Photography is sooo goooooood!

10. With Love Whit : Fashion Trends and great style ideas! I get inspired for new outfit!

11. The Concerns Of Mindy Kaling : Kelly from the office has the funnest and best blog! I cant wait to read her new book! she is hilarious! She writes the office scripts too! Look up to her talent!

12. Design Sponge : DIY Extravaganza! Anything and everything you can think of the diy and I take full advantage of it!

13. A Beach Cottage : her blog inspired me to redesign my room and gave me the love for beach cottage decor. Amazing pictures and simply amazing blog.

14. Easter Closet : The funniest guy in my ward does a dating blog! The ups and downs of the dating life! its soo funny!!!

There are so many more that I follow but here are just a few. I coudn’t put them all because it would be never ending! I wish I had time to read every blog every day but sometimes I have to pick and choose what I’m in the mood for. Today I am in the mood for photography and art. I just discovered this blog A restless Transplant and fell in love with the imagery! Pictures speak to me 1000 times more than an entire book could ever. Same with music. When someone is sweetly caressing the piano keys or opening their mouth calling for the angels from above, my eyes close and quietly tear up and Irediscover my love for life.

Art to me has everything to do with life. It is what I am, why I am, and digging deep, what makes me come alive. Relishing in one of my favorite master artists Rembrant (which I am reading a book about right now), the description of seeing through the painted eyes gives more insight then ever to have known the person. It shows the vulnerability, that only by knowing a person for some time, can see. I’m not a master painter, nor own an elaborately expensive camera, but I appreciate and crave the arts of yesterday and today! Renaissance to modern, including blogs and interactive. Its the only thing that keeps me going everyday.

Scanning through my pinterest I decided to post a plathera of some of my favorite things! Enjoy my top 10 pix for today!

1. Tears are already streaming down my face from laughter!

2. With General Conference just around the corner I can’t help but to just fall in Love all over again with the Prophet and how cute he is.

3. NOTHING makes me more happy than Chandeliers, Ruffles & Cherry Blossoms!!!!

4. It was so hard to pic my favorite picture from my photography board, but this one is strikingly beautiful. The body positioning sold me and how graceful she looks.

5. The graphic designer in me forced me to post this.

6. I am OBSESSED with Chevron Pattern! I want it everywhere!!!

7. This photograph encompasses all my color passions.

8. LOVE this painting!

9. I wish I could just jump in a huge fluffy cloud. Ever since I was a little girl I loved looking at them and running through them when they touched the ground.

10. Last but never least baby animals!!! oooh i wanna just squeeze them and kiss their wittle noses and hold them forever and ever!