I am another one of those work commuters. I drive over 30 min everyday to get to my enjoyable yet stressful design job in the jungle of South Jordan. I HATE driving in traffic though so it has been, excuse my french, HECK, everyday.

So I decided, “Hey, maybe I should try the front runner…. It picks up pretty close to my house and drops me off kind of close to my work…”

So I started my adventure yesterday. Unknowing that trains only pick up every 30 min I missed the train I needed and had to wait the excruciating time for my public transportation experience to start. STRIKE ONE

Train arrived and off to work I go. It was actually quite nice until I arrived at my destination. “Oh Crap, now I have to walk what felt like 5 miles to my hidden office building in the corporate jungle…” Luckily someone from work graciously swung by my work and picked up this pathetic body of mine. Felt like I was back in high school again which gave immediate mixed feelings.  STRIKE TWO

Today I decided, maybe I will try it again. Rushed the morning away to get ready – wore flats yet again because there is no way I am walking countless miles in heels. I hate flats by the way, I’m only 5’8″ and I feel like a shrimp if I am not wearing my 6 inchers. Anyway, boarded my train on time and off I went. Into the sunset… wait sunrise, ok ok mid morning (I’m not much of a morning person). As my exit came near I packed my stuff up, proud to be a public transportationeer this fine morning. WRONG!!! From the time it took to walk down 3 stairs to the exit doors the DOORS LOCKED!!!! Trapping me inside!

“What is going on?! This is my exit, Le me out!” Yep, yelling didn’t work. Either did pushing the button a million times. Or those tears I had streaming down my face! Don’t ask me why I cry over everything. It just happens… With all my hard work, I was still stuck and off to the next station we go which could be heaven knows how far! In other words I was a jumble of pissed, upset, annoyed, MAD, hating life, temper tantrum, and most importantly vowing to NEVER ride the train again. STRIKE THREE

AFter waiting at the next stop for what seemed like a life time I finally got back on the train and there was nothing that was pulling me away from that exit door. The anger never passed as I walked those long miles to my stupid office that quite evidently I would rather throw myself into the barbwire fence that strangely separated humans from the street from the road… GHETTO!

This all brings me to now. Complainging that my life sucks when in reality I don’t have it too bad. I may have 3 strikes of utter hatred towards an inanimate object, but I am grateful I have a job in the end. I will just keep trying to get there on time.



This could be answered in one basic 2 syllable word that the every human has rehearsed as the number one and only legitimate excuse in webster dictionary for not following up on current responsibilities.

I’m “BUSY”

Sad but true. Who has ever used this simple line to disregard any persecution from friends, family, and co-workers for not living up to expectations? I can assure you 99.99999999% of you have. Excluding babies and young children who are still naive and honest in this World of white lies and manipulation.

What else can I say? What really is behind the word “Busy”? It’s excuses that people don’t want to hear. Once you start becoming the excuse guy, everyone starts looking at you like the homeless person on the street that never stops talking to themselves about gibberish that no one cares to listen to. Its all relative. I prefer to just keep it simple and sweet, not to hurt anyones feelings.

I could say that I am planning the biggest party of my life where the whole day will be about Me, Me, Me, oh and my groom! Also, that I have become so busy with work and Freelance! Which I am surely grateful for, because I need the money so desperately. That is just one of my excuses of why I don’t blog anymore.

The next one is oh so crucial, that you might jump out of your seat… you ready? I. HAVE. TO. SPEND. TIME. WITH. MY. FIANCE. WHO. I. NEVER. SEE. BECAUSE. HE. IS. CONSUMED. WITH. SCHOOL. Its quite frustrating. I could complain about it. Don’t think I haven’t. But I’ve come to realize he is doing it for me. He has to get good grades so he can get into Medical School. Then one day become an oh so coveted Doctor, that seems so far away! But is only on the horizon, just like everything else:)

I could say, “I can’t wait until life slows down..” But I would be lying. I love fast past life. I love always having something to do. I love having only a few minutes to get somewhere, like a race car driver on a track. Its fun. I know life has its ups and downs. But I should enjoy more of these bumps. I love supporting my fiancé in school. I love working hard for him. And I love balancing it all on a tight rope. I am confident that everything is going to work out:) It always does, and I become stronger and more resilient because of it. I can take on the World!

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Blogging: what is the purpose| Both Whitney  thatgirlwhit, my roomie, and I both agree that when your in a good healthy relationship, a lot of what used to be important, become somewhat less important. For example blogging. When I was going through my breakup with my now fiancé I would blog almost 2 times a day. It was my escape, the one thing to take my mind off the hurt. But now, I rarely have time to blog. I hate it because blogging is my passion. I lived for it. I loved sharing all my ideas out in the open and seeing if others thought I was crazy! That is how I met my Roommate in fact!

I randomly found her blog on wordpress, started following, became best blog friends, started texting eachother, then she moved to Utah from Georgia, and is now my Roommate!!! Hurraayyyy!!!

Now were best friends in Real Life!

We seriously have so much fun together! I can’t imagine a better person in my life right now. She helped me through my breakup, she seriously gave me the best advice and she just understands me! Totes*

Its crazy how life moves. You never know how one action will effect your life. Because of blogging, I found a new best friend. Two thumbs up for WordPress:)

TODAYS 411 | Date night with my boo| So as you all know I was recovering from surgery last week. Ugh. But the good part was my adorable boyfriend stayed with me every minute to take care of me. Whatever I asked for he was there, to get me my water, pills, food, put the blanket on me, take the blanket off, get me my book, turn off the tv, scratch my back, etc! I think thats when you know someone truly loves you, when they can look at you with NO MAKE-UP on for a whole week and care for you hand and foot with a smile on their face:)

Well we decided to go out for some fro-yo at yummy Juicy Berry (The dulce de leche was A-Ma-Zing!) at The Gateway to get out of the house! So fun!  I bought a NEW iPhone case at Urban Outfitters! It had a cate face on it. Picture coming soon! Bryce (my boo) makes fun of me because I buy so many. I spend a lot of time looking for cool new cases with artwork on them, its a hobby kind of since I got my new 4s iphone.

Oh heres one small detail I might have forgotten to tell you guys……………

WERE  GETTING  MARRIED!!! (ring picked out, just waiting for the proposal:)

Found Via Polyvore 

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Black + Creme | I am loving this duo of color! Black is so classic and mixed with creme it warms it up during these winter months. I love the pink and peach flowers. Its Classy and sophisticated! I will start doing FASHION FRIDAYS! It will gear you up for the weekend activities with a new fresh look! Here are a cople more of my favorite black attire!

Images via Pinterest | type via Polyvore

UPDATE | Valentines Day | Last night was Valentines Day as you know! I hope all of you had a good one and love filled the air! My boyfriend couldn’t pick me up until 9pm because he had class til about 8:30pm. I was STAAAARVING by the time he got there, I even poured a bowl of cereal waiting for him! (woops!)

He surprised me for dinner and took me to sushi!! Sushi Ya?! Ya! My favorite and he knows it! They even had a pond with HUGE koi fish that I immediately stuck my hand in a petted them! slimmy and sooo coool!

Throughout the night he surprised me with little “homemade gifts” :) On each one he wrote a special note! I love that boy! We ended with a romantic fire and music playing. I gave him his gift and he gave me mine. Bryce loved all his favorite goodies I got for him; oreos, pretzel m&m’s, grape soda, smartfood, cake mix w/frosting, and I through in a can of veggies, don’t want his teeth to rot! haha

It took us all of Bryce’s junk mail, a whole stack of printer paper, and mcdonalds to-go bags from the garbage to light the fire! haha


via Marion Bolognesi

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Re-Inventing Yourself. Hey Guys, if you haven’t noticed, I gave my blog a complete Make-over! Gotta love shnazzing something up after a while. It gives me a fresh start to a new day. I hate when life starts getting into the same old monotony of actions. I have to constantly be changing and bettering myself. I can’t handle even standing in one place at one time! That might be the cause of my perpetual Anxiety. Or the fact that I’ve never lived in the same place longer than a year since I was born.

Moving was me and my Mother’s middle name. I learned to never get too attached to the people around me because I knew I would be leaving them just as quickly. Before long, instead of seeing it as a bad thing, I started to look forward to it. I would get excited for the new school I was going to attend. The new faces I would observe. The rituals and cultural differences I was participate in. I as well got excited about reinventing myself yet again. A new me, a new day, and a new leaf. Change was fast pace and I had to keep with it. Although, the constant change of the home life was quite a different story.

I am an only child. You might know of some in your neighborhoods or city. They may be few, but they are strong. I can’t imagine growing up any differently. I dreamt about being in a big family. Place myself in situations where I could almost taste it, but it never came true. I wish I had a “perfect” family like all my friends. The brother/sister bonds they shared. Insta-friends is what I called them. I did grow up with step-sisters for my younger years on the weekends while my mother was dating their father. It was great! We laughed and imagined together. Until when I was 11 the family unit was broken, and I was back to being an only child.

Since then, my Mother and I made it somewhat of a habit by moving in with other family members and cousins. Money grew tight on my mothers budget. It was also hard to adjust every time to their new rules, the new personalities, and the new schedule. I would not see my mother at all some days because she would be working. Unfortunately, many of the the people we lived with suffered from the deadly disease of Alcoholism. From a young age I learned to keep my mouth shut as well as be a nurse.

I’m not sure why I was constantly put in those situations. At school, all I could do was focus on my studies to keep from driving myself crazy with anger. It was my escape. I found comfort in the gospel and reading my scriptures. I knew that someday this wouldn’t be my life anymore. I just had to get through these years.

I didn’t mean to tell so much of my past. Its just a small peep hole into getting to know me a little better. Even though growing up was hard, it was also wonderful. My mother is my best friend and I have such strong relationships now with all of those Aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents that we lived with. I wouldn’t changed it for anything. Because it makes me into who I am today. I’m sure you can say the same about your past. What’s past is past and the future is ours. Whatever we make, is exactly what we take:)

Love Chels