Its true, but I’m not moving to a new house or anything, I am moving to a new blog! haha So I invite all of you to join me! My new url is ! I just wanted to start over with a new fresh blog name and a fresh start. A LOT has happened in my life this past year and I just can’t wait to start a new year on a new blog! Follow me please!! I love all of you!



It has been a looooooong time since I’ve blogged. I mean a loooong time. Ok I’m done. haha. I will leave the catching up to another day, right now I just feel like venting… and being in the moment and calm.

You know when you have so much negativity around you that the only thing to do is to just walk away, be by yourself, and yes.. Breathe. I need to breathe. I’ve recently lost my breath due to so many knives being thrown at me and not having a chance to deflect any of them. I’ve been hit by outside forces and have felt the pain. I’m sure you know what they feels like? A mean comment from someone, being reprimanded at work, a bad grade at school, or even your own negative thoughts making you feel like your not good enough. In the past 24 hours I have cried, dried my tears, cried a little more, been hugged by my husband, complained, and then hugged again. I am a mess sometimes. I admit it. But one positive word of advice from a friend brought me back to the solid state that I choose to live today. I turned off my phone because nothing else can make me feel bad today. I am an amazing person. I have done amazing things. Ask anyone who knows me! Yes I am complimenting myself. Its therapeutic… I think.

So if your ever feeling how I am right now… Just turn off your phone and breathe…. and breathe… and breathe…


TODAYS INSPIRATION | You can never be too busy | Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to through Instagram…. or what ThatGirlWhit, my favorite roommate, likes to call it, “Shminstagram.”

Bryce and I don’t get much time together these days due to his Devil Professor that sucks the breath out of his students and then leaves them their to suffer…. OK, a little too visual. But its true! I hate his Anatomy Class! I want my finacé back!

Photo shoots involving paint, comfy FeroNative T-shirts, leather hats, and the sunset = a good time!

I might have pushed some little kids aside to get my hands on those cute whittle goats and lambs at the petting zoo… just saying:)

Someone lost his shirt and felt naked going into the store without one! Haha I love him so much!

Yep! thats my orange wall in my dining room! I am so excited! I can’t wait to move in with my new Husband!

So that is my life for the past few days! There was too many to choose from. I am excited for everyday and what it brings. I think that’s what makes life great:)

This could be answered in one basic 2 syllable word that the every human has rehearsed as the number one and only legitimate excuse in webster dictionary for not following up on current responsibilities.

I’m “BUSY”

Sad but true. Who has ever used this simple line to disregard any persecution from friends, family, and co-workers for not living up to expectations? I can assure you 99.99999999% of you have. Excluding babies and young children who are still naive and honest in this World of white lies and manipulation.

What else can I say? What really is behind the word “Busy”? It’s excuses that people don’t want to hear. Once you start becoming the excuse guy, everyone starts looking at you like the homeless person on the street that never stops talking to themselves about gibberish that no one cares to listen to. Its all relative. I prefer to just keep it simple and sweet, not to hurt anyones feelings.

I could say that I am planning the biggest party of my life where the whole day will be about Me, Me, Me, oh and my groom! Also, that I have become so busy with work and Freelance! Which I am surely grateful for, because I need the money so desperately. That is just one of my excuses of why I don’t blog anymore.

The next one is oh so crucial, that you might jump out of your seat… you ready? I. HAVE. TO. SPEND. TIME. WITH. MY. FIANCE. WHO. I. NEVER. SEE. BECAUSE. HE. IS. CONSUMED. WITH. SCHOOL. Its quite frustrating. I could complain about it. Don’t think I haven’t. But I’ve come to realize he is doing it for me. He has to get good grades so he can get into Medical School. Then one day become an oh so coveted Doctor, that seems so far away! But is only on the horizon, just like everything else:)

I could say, “I can’t wait until life slows down..” But I would be lying. I love fast past life. I love always having something to do. I love having only a few minutes to get somewhere, like a race car driver on a track. Its fun. I know life has its ups and downs. But I should enjoy more of these bumps. I love supporting my fiancé in school. I love working hard for him. And I love balancing it all on a tight rope. I am confident that everything is going to work out:) It always does, and I become stronger and more resilient because of it. I can take on the World!

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Eyebrow Waxing | I’m probably not the most professional person to ask about this considering I’ve never waxed my eyebrows. BUT I do tweeze on a normal basis. You know, those pesty hairs coming down disturbing the perfect arch. Its real people. Tweezing your eyebrows is a must! Even if your albino. Every time I do a make-over, the first thing I focus on is the eyebrows. You can completely change the look of your face just by giving some needed shape to your brows. Its the frame of your face!

I was asked by one of my fellow designers to help him out with this project. He said he needed me to make a design from a picture of the just waxed eyebrows for a esthetician client for her brochures. I jumped at the chance but not only am I low in cash… but I love doing random projects and learning more! This is what I came up with!

Here are 10 tips for the perfect brows from About

1. Decide on the shape you want for your eyebrows.

2.  Use a Quality pair of Tweezers.

3. Trim the brows so the hair is shorter if needed. It will help not to tweeze too much.

4.  Clean up the top of the brow if needed as well.

5. If you have sparse brows, pencil or powder is recommended to thicken the look.

6. Don’t stand too close to the mirror when shaping.

7. Pick a shape that is flattering to your face

8. Don’t use ice to numb the skin after tweezing. This will make the skin contract and hold tighter to the follicles making it hard to tweeze more. Use a warm clothe instead to relax the skin and soften it.

9. Don’t Shave eyebrows!

10. Don’t stretch the skin with your hands when tweezing.

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Love through the Camera | Bryce and I had a mini Engagement shoot last weekend! It was so much fun and absolutely FREE! One thing I’ve learned from planning this wedding is everyone is trying to get their foot in the door with their talent. I went to a Bridal Fair last month and after booking my photographer for $1300  I received an email weeks later from another photographer. I don’t even remember meeting her, but she told me she would love to do so engagement pictures for free. Of course I said YES! Any excuse I can get a shoot I am totally up for it! Here are a few of those! I was really impressed and extremely excited to see them! Let me know what you think!