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Working on this Flyer that will be sent out with all the shipments to the craft magazines:)

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Blogging: what is the purpose| Both Whitney  thatgirlwhit, my roomie, and I both agree that when your in a good healthy relationship, a lot of what used to be important, become somewhat less important. For example blogging. When I was going through my breakup with my now fiancé I would blog almost 2 times a day. It was my escape, the one thing to take my mind off the hurt. But now, I rarely have time to blog. I hate it because blogging is my passion. I lived for it. I loved sharing all my ideas out in the open and seeing if others thought I was crazy! That is how I met my Roommate in fact!

I randomly found her blog on wordpress, started following, became best blog friends, started texting eachother, then she moved to Utah from Georgia, and is now my Roommate!!! Hurraayyyy!!!

Now were best friends in Real Life!

We seriously have so much fun together! I can’t imagine a better person in my life right now. She helped me through my breakup, she seriously gave me the best advice and she just understands me! Totes*

Its crazy how life moves. You never know how one action will effect your life. Because of blogging, I found a new best friend. Two thumbs up for WordPress:)

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Layout and Print | Layout and Print has been a huge inspiration to me as I chugged my way through design school. I remember just looking at all the amazing design mag’s and wishing that I could one day do stuff like that and my teachers wouldn’t send me back to the drawing board. I feel like design has taken a backwards turn and….

Take a look at these works and let me know what you think! Personally it stirs something inside of me and makes me want to design all night/day. Its just so full of mystery and prestigue. The hard part about designing like this is trying to find the right client. Clients these days are very rigid, business motivated, and sticks in the mud when it comes to branding. I crave projects that I can do whatever I want! Those always come out 100x’s better than those with the style guide set in concrete. Design is taking over! Join the Parade!

Ok Stop Me now! I can’t wait to design!!! Good thing I’m at work and thats what I do:)

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Wedding invitations that make you squeel | I am excited to design my own Wedding Invitations. Its only customary if you are a graphic designer right?! Well I’ve been searching the internet for some good ideas and I found soooo much inspiration from this amazing Designer ‘Oh So Beautiful Paper’ that you will love as well! Check out all her designs! One thing I love about Graphic Design is there is so much to do with it! Whats you favorite??

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