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TODAYS INSPIRATION | Life would not be the same without friends | An update to my favorite blogging community… No RING Yet! :( But I am learning that patience is very well one of the most important virtues that I need to learn.

I have had a GREAT Birthday so far!!! I hung out with a bunch of girlfriends that I have not seen in a long time Saturday during the day! It was fun to talk weddings because they as well are getting married in a couple months. Then at night Bryce took me out! I was hoping for a romantic rondevou (have no idea how to spell it) with a path lined with rose petals and my ring sitting in a gorgeous golden pillow waiting to be placed on my freshly painted nails… haha! ok ok too much I know, but a girl has got to dream! That didn’t happen unfortunately, it was ok though. He took me to a romantic dinner and then we played miniature croquet and laughed til our stomachs hurt. Great night!

Then Sunday night I had a Dessert Party for my Provo friends! I am excited for Wednesday night because I am going out to dinner with the Sexy Seven= best friends from college and life!


TODAYS INSPIRATION | Celebrating 24 years on the Earth | I can’t believe its already my Birthday again! Yay for me! Everyone has been so sweet! Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to go out with the Love of my Life tonight! Hope he has some surprises up his sleeve, because I am expecting some:)

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Wedding decor | Ok so my taste buds are continually changing and I can’t stop it! Just 3 months ago I was sooo into pinks and whites and creams and lace and crystals etc etc. Now all of a sudden its changed.  I love yellows and corals and navy blues. What to do what to do!

With the Wedding only 4 months away I have already begun my decoration design. I am pretty sure I have it pinned down. Picture this: Soft whites, lace, rustic burlap, twine, shining gold and silver, pop of Yellow stripes to liven the mood, navy blue to give it the cape cod feel, baby breath flowers, sunflowers, meadow, wood, green moss, and cute baby animals:)

The reception is in this amazing Classy rustic Barn and the ring ceremony is going to be held outside among the tall trees, green grass, meadow flowers, and white rose petal path. Here is what I envisioned.