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TODAYS INSPIRATION | Eyebrow Waxing | I’m probably not the most professional person to ask about this considering I’ve never waxed my eyebrows. BUT I do tweeze on a normal basis. You know, those pesty hairs coming down disturbing the perfect arch. Its real people. Tweezing your eyebrows is a must! Even if your albino. Every time I do a make-over, the first thing I focus on is the eyebrows. You can completely change the look of your face just by giving some needed shape to your brows. Its the frame of your face!

I was asked by one of my fellow designers to help him out with this project. He said he needed me to make a design from a picture of the just waxed eyebrows for a esthetician client for her brochures. I jumped at the chance but not only am I low in cash… but I love doing random projects and learning more! This is what I came up with!

Here are 10 tips for the perfect brows from About

1. Decide on the shape you want for your eyebrows.

2.  Use a Quality pair of Tweezers.

3. Trim the brows so the hair is shorter if needed. It will help not to tweeze too much.

4.  Clean up the top of the brow if needed as well.

5. If you have sparse brows, pencil or powder is recommended to thicken the look.

6. Don’t stand too close to the mirror when shaping.

7. Pick a shape that is flattering to your face

8. Don’t use ice to numb the skin after tweezing. This will make the skin contract and hold tighter to the follicles making it hard to tweeze more. Use a warm clothe instead to relax the skin and soften it.

9. Don’t Shave eyebrows!

10. Don’t stretch the skin with your hands when tweezing.

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Frida’s legacy | Every since I watched the amazing yet ethnically exotic 2002 hollywood version of Frida featuring Selma Hayek, I have been somewhat obsessed with her persona. Not only was her artwork extremely fascinating, but her look and that bodacious eyebrow can not be missed. A beautiful woman with such a history of tragedy and success. Barely do I look through her art, but the iconic face has become a separate masterpiece. Whenever I see it it almost send shivers down my spine. Why? Maybe the curiosity of a lady that to me seems so figured out, so confident, so knowledgeable. In her eyes she has life at her fingertips. I wish to be like this one day. To accomplish what I set out to and love its reward, no matter how much tribulation it cost. I think we all should look up to people like that. Whether is a church leader, a family member, a historical figure, or the one perfect being Jesus Christ.

This last one is my favorite. Her outfit, her strong profile, and her limp hands over the riding  stick. UGH I love the photography! Images by atelier olschinsky found here. Beautiful.