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TODAYS INSPIRATION | You can never be too busy | Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to through Instagram…. or what ThatGirlWhit, my favorite roommate, likes to call it, “Shminstagram.”

Bryce and I don’t get much time together these days due to his Devil Professor that sucks the breath out of his students and then leaves them their to suffer…. OK, a little too visual. But its true! I hate his Anatomy Class! I want my finacé back!

Photo shoots involving paint, comfy FeroNative T-shirts, leather hats, and the sunset = a good time!

I might have pushed some little kids aside to get my hands on those cute whittle goats and lambs at the petting zoo… just saying:)

Someone lost his shirt and felt naked going into the store without one! Haha I love him so much!

Yep! thats my orange wall in my dining room! I am so excited! I can’t wait to move in with my new Husband!

So that is my life for the past few days! There was too many to choose from. I am excited for everyday and what it brings. I think that’s what makes life great:)


TODAYS INSPIRATION | Love through the Camera | Bryce and I had a mini Engagement shoot last weekend! It was so much fun and absolutely FREE! One thing I’ve learned from planning this wedding is everyone is trying to get their foot in the door with their talent. I went to a Bridal Fair last month and after booking my photographer for $1300  I received an email weeks later from another photographer. I don’t even remember meeting her, but she told me she would love to do so engagement pictures for free. Of course I said YES! Any excuse I can get a shoot I am totally up for it! Here are a few of those! I was really impressed and extremely excited to see them! Let me know what you think!


TODAYS INSPIRATION | Remember those by loving each other | Bryce is finally back in the USA!! I am soooo excited! The day after he proposed he left to Europe to backpack for 3 weeks! Yes, you heard me, 3 weeks. I know, soo long. I missed him so much! It was simply unbearable. We made a 24 hour rule this weekend. That after were married, we cannot stay away from each other longer than 24 hours. I think its the best idea ever:) We miss each other too much.

He only was in town for the weekend because he had to drive back to Vegas to work during the week. So we will see each other every weekend, either I drive there or he drives here, until June 25th, when he moves back to Provo for good. Yay!

Here is some of our weekend! I don’t know how I survived without him.



TODAYS INSPIRATION | Wedding invitations that make you squeel | I am excited to design my own Wedding Invitations. Its only customary if you are a graphic designer right?! Well I’ve been searching the internet for some good ideas and I found soooo much inspiration from this amazing Designer ‘Oh So Beautiful Paper’ that you will love as well! Check out all her designs! One thing I love about Graphic Design is there is so much to do with it! Whats you favorite??

See More here

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Life would not be the same without friends | An update to my favorite blogging community… No RING Yet! :( But I am learning that patience is very well one of the most important virtues that I need to learn.

I have had a GREAT Birthday so far!!! I hung out with a bunch of girlfriends that I have not seen in a long time Saturday during the day! It was fun to talk weddings because they as well are getting married in a couple months. Then at night Bryce took me out! I was hoping for a romantic rondevou (have no idea how to spell it) with a path lined with rose petals and my ring sitting in a gorgeous golden pillow waiting to be placed on my freshly painted nails… haha! ok ok too much I know, but a girl has got to dream! That didn’t happen unfortunately, it was ok though. He took me to a romantic dinner and then we played miniature croquet and laughed til our stomachs hurt. Great night!

Then Sunday night I had a Dessert Party for my Provo friends! I am excited for Wednesday night because I am going out to dinner with the Sexy Seven= best friends from college and life!


TODAYS INSPIRATION | Celebrating 24 years on the Earth | I can’t believe its already my Birthday again! Yay for me! Everyone has been so sweet! Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to go out with the Love of my Life tonight! Hope he has some surprises up his sleeve, because I am expecting some:)