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965636_10151505257353101_1533344976_o  580291_10151505280873101_432630412_nImages done by Lora Grady

Love love loved this shoot the other night. I am so blessed to have such amazing photographers in my life! They can capture the beauty in ways I can’t even try to attempt. They are so blessed to have such a exquisite talent.



TODAYS INSPIRATION | Poster Design | Did this for Weber State University. I enjoy doing little projects like this. Keeps me always working on something fun where I can do whatever I want on the side. I have become Weber State University’s Designer because I do so much freelance for them haha.

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Achieving Goals | I never thought this day would come in all of my blogging career! I remember when I first started blogging back in March 2011! Thats almost a year ago! What I have learned about myself in the past year and what has changed still surprises me. I just want to Thank all my followers! Yes, YOU! Because of you, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face in anticipation of what the blogging world will bring!

Some of my Blog STATS

10,918 Views all-time

215 Views on my busiest day February 3rd! With “Is Evolution Real?” being the top viewed!

100 Followers total

Thank you again! I have loved following all of you as well!

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Bula Fiji 2012. Yep, thats me! I’m going to Ba, Fiji this summer for an amazing Humanitarian trip with my Best Friend Sandra! I am so excited to Help with the volunteer efforts with HELP International, a non-profit organization that works across the glob empowering people by teaching self-sustainable skills!

Can you believe that…. 25% of the population in Fiji live below the poverty level! Most make only 1$ a day! How are they supposed to support their families on that? Because of the poverty, children often go to school without lunch! There is more of a crisis there than we think. Just like many 3rd World countries, tourist destinations bring some income, but other than that, the way of life is very bleak. 

Sandra and I are planning on taking a month out of our busy lives to teach the basic and quality skills it takes to

A. Build Gardens to support the serving of Meals and nutrition

B. Do Public Health Projects. 80% of the people die of basic health problems that are so easy to protect agains if given the right tools to do so.

C. Nutrition Research and Womans groups

D. Construct Buildings for schools, homes, and anything they need

I’ve always wanted to do a humanitarian project! And now I finally have the time and the opportunity to do it! Although, to be able to help these amazing and forgotten people, I can’t do it alone… I need your help! Check out our BulaFiji2012 Blog for updates!

Donations are greatly and exponentially appreciated. There is so much that these people need, that for us, we take for granted. Any amount goes a long way!

1$ $5 20$ 30$!!

Click here to DONATE on PayPal! The Children need your help! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

On Memo line write : Chelsea Vose

Children of Fiji



Paper Circus is a new charity greetings cards project featuring the beautiful work of UK designers in the aid to raise funds for important causes. The Charity which we are supporting is the Teenage Cancer Trust. The project has been made possible through a great bunch of designers kindly donating work which has been made into greetings cards. As the festive season is upon us I have included a little selection of some of the cards along with the website too! Here are some examples!!! Love the Art don’t you?!

Ok stemming from yesterdays climactic event of me fuming over my little problem (Adult Acne is not a little problem!) I went for a little walk around my work. I phoned my Momma like always when I feel like I’m going to die (me being dramatic again but legit), and she calmed me down screwed my head on straight. I marched back to my desk, wiping the tears, and made a list. A list of what I want to do right now in my life! I had to come up with a way to rid myself of this mid-life-crisis!

I’m a huge planner and like any human being, I need something in life to look forward to. It makes the here and now worth working for. I’m tired of waiting for life to find me. I feel like I sit around waiting for something to happen. I want to go out and grab life by its horns (such a great analogy, thank you to the poet that gave us that)!! Here is what I came up with.

1. Go on an LDS Mission. I’ve always wanted to. The feeling of changing someones life for the better gives me butterflies! I was very close to going when I was 21, I had my papers in and everything, and then a stupid boy and the thought of eternal bliss fogged my memory. I’m 23 1/2 and by the time I get back I would be 25 years old! Even though I don’t want to let the thought of being single until I was 25 rule my life, it just scares me to death! I’m still deciding and am going to do some praying:)

2. Move to L.A. and become a big time Graphic Designer! I’ve always had dreams to move to a big city, live in a high rise, and design fresh and edgy art for clients that ate dollar bills for breakfast.

3. Run a 1/2 marathon! I can barely run 2 miles, there’s no way I can run a full marathon. So a half seems like still a lofty goal but still obtainable!

4. Volunteer in a 3rd World Country to help Children! YES YES YES! I have already decided I am doing this! As soon as the thought entered my mind I almost fell off my seat!

I have a friend that served in Uganda all summer helping children and building orphanages and inspiring more people that she can count. I want that! I have already done research and it is totally totally realistic! Summer of 2012 in Uganda, I can’t wait! But I don’t want to stop there. I want to do one over Christmas or one before the end of the year! Here are some of the sites I’ve found that you should totally check out!

Help International

Global Volunteering Network


I am sure there are so many more and I would love to see if you know of any! Please let me know!